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The Advent of Web3

In the almost 40 years since its founding, the Internet has become a monolith, with governments and giant technology corporations vying for control of information and users’ personal data. The advent of Web 3.0 (or Web3) represents an effort to reinvent digital communication, commerce, and more, all without centralized oversight or interference.

Web3 is an emerging term of art, but it currently includes legacy and new blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi) generally, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Blockchain technology – an encrypted, decentralized, time-stamped and unalterable database – underpins Web3 and is already being implemented across a wide range of industries, including financial services, logistics, energy, healthcare, insurance, entertainment, and many more.

The connecting thread among all Web3 elements is users’ desire to be less-surveilled, less-regulated, and able to chart their own path forward. But as Web3 is evolving, even the staunchest proponents of decentralization acknowledge that some regulation of its underlying technologies is necessary in order to build trust among users and increase its adoption.

Our Web3 lawyers have been involved with companies on the leading edge of Web3 technologies and concepts in the U.S. and internationally.

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Cryptocurrency and DeFi

Cryptocurrency entered the mainstream vernacular in 2009 with the development of Bitcoin, and later, numerous other cryptocurrencies. In June 2021, El Salvador’s Legislative Assembly voted to accept Bitcoin as legal tender, and in August 2021, Cuba followed suit. At the other end of the regulatory spectrum, in September 2021, China declared all cryptocurrency transactions illegal while simultaneously launching its native, closed-loop digital currency.

The evolution of cryptocurrency has been rapid (in mid-2021, the market for cryptocurrencies was estimated to be worth around $2 trillion). Financial regulators are struggling to fulfill their mission of ensuring consumer protection and the establishment of trust in the marketplace.

Without a central regulatory authority, cryptocurrency presents users with additional transaction risks and exposes institutions to additional compliance risks. An additional complication is the difficulty of ascertaining jurisdiction in a financial system that is globally distributed.

Cryptocurrency is not only fast-growing but also fast-evolving, and while most stakeholders see a need for increased regulation, there is little agreement about the extent of that regulation and which authority should be responsible. The inevitable introduction of regulatory processes will have implications in the areas of taxation, compliance, banking, intellectual property rights, and data privacy.

What is clear is that stakeholders will continue to rely on traditional transaction support mechanisms such as contracts and due diligence. Stakeholders will also require legal counsel that is highly experienced in supporting transactions that span multiple jurisdictions.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

DAOs offer a cohesive group for the people and by the people without government manipulation or involvement. A DAO is an online community that uses blockchain technology to function and transact toward a specific purpose or mission (e.g. an investment, global community service, or sending one lucky DAO member to the moon).

In DAOs there are no hierarchies and no central control. DAOs also have no corporate form and therefore no bylaws, operating agreements, contribution agreements, or subscription agreements. The “rules” of investing and participating, as for cryptocurrencies, are set out on the blockchain in “smart contracts,” which contain some key terms but rarely track existing corporate laws or securities laws and regulations governing investments.

In the optimal cases, DAOs create legal mechanisms that allow the DAO to interact with existing corporate, financial, and other structures to ensure continuity of the DAO’s membership and purpose with its obligations to third parties, including financial partners. DAOs that fail to implement optimal structural integrations risk being treated as unintentional partnerships complete with joint and several liability for all DAO participants and an inability to enforce any of its contracts with the outside world.

Like cryptocurrencies and blockchain itself, DAOs are inherently borderless and involve people and organizations across the globe, requiring legal expertise that also extends beyond national borders.


Full-Service Planning for Web 3.0 Law

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs)

NFTs are digital assets that sometimes intersect with the physical world. They can be held by collectors, traded, or sold. The NFT market is nascent but prominent and growing exponentially.

Although NFTs are “non-fungible”, the rights associated with them most certainly are. At the most basic level, NFTs are intellectual property rights initially owned by creators. Then those rights are packaged into an NFT or tokenized as part of an NFT and transferred to buyers.

NFT studios, intermediary platforms for buying and selling, and NFT creators, sellers, and buyers are all reliant on intellectual property rights protection. They need the complete range of legal work inherent in NFT creation, ownership, and transactions, including contracts, negotiation, translation, IP registration, and enforcement.

Harris Bricken’s Web3 team assists our clients with a wide range of legal services including:

  • Entity formation (e.g. domestic and international jurisdiction selection, taxation, and risk appraisal for DAOs and related Web3 entities)
    • Strategic planning regarding Web3 legal relationships in DAOs and related financing vehicles affiliated with DAOs.
  • Contract negotiation, drafting, translation, and enforcement (e.g. NFT studio contracts)
    • Intellectual property rights protection (e.g. trademark and copyright protection in NFTs, licensing, due diligence, data privacy issues, and international agreements)
    • Mediation, arbitration, and litigation (domestic and international)
    • Compliance (e.g. securities laws regarding tokenization, intellectual property rights, data privacy)

An International Network of Experts

For nearly two decades, Harris Bricken has been a leader in emerging markets like China, cannabis, and psychedelics law, all areas in which stakeholders have had to contend with fast-evolving regulatory environments. Our attorneys have earned national and international recognition for their work providing businesses with the legal planning, regulatory support, corporate guidance, and compliance strategies they need.

Our Web3 team is following the same playbook, collaborating with their colleagues in other practice areas to leverage our wide range of legal strengths and our national and international network of industry-leading professionals to offer our clients creative, effective, and timely support.

With different jurisdictions come vastly different legal systems, and it takes a highly experienced legal team to navigate them. As leaders in some of the most complex areas of international law, our lawyers in the US, LatAm, Asia, and Europe stand ready to assist you wherever you need us.

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"Harris Bricken专业地指导我们公司的成立。他们继续协助我们进行必要的注册和遵守众多的法规。他们能够及时回答我们所有的问题,并提供可理解的选择、解释和实用建议。随着我们公司的扩大,我们希望继续定期使用Harris Bricken。他们还能为我们介绍其他专业的专家。我们会毫不犹豫地将Harris Bricken推荐给任何需要法律咨询的公司"。

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在我们公司经历加州大麻行业的商业许可过程中,这家律师事务所给予了巨大的帮助。 他们及时帮助我们解决各种法律问题,同时在整个过程中与我们进行清晰的沟通。 与Harris Bricken合作的每个人都是他们领域的专家,我们一直觉得通过我们的法律代表,我们得到了很好的照顾。

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法律上的东西总是令人害怕。我也不得不勉为其难地打过几次进攻。为了让哈里斯 布里肯有我的 背后?这使事情变得不那么棘手了。他们很快就带我了解了我的选择,并在沟通、时间安排和计费方面保持一致,令人耳目一新。我很幸运,在我的整个职业生涯中都没有涉及到法律方面的事情,感谢他们。当事情出了一点差错时,哈里斯 布里肯很快就把事情解决了。

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我对这家律师事务所印象深刻。他们回答了我所有关于大麻企业和加州大麻框架的问题,他们及时帮助我解决各种法律问题,同时在整个过程中始终与我们进行清晰的沟通。他们还为我的业务需求转介给其他优质人员。在Harris Bricken与我合作的每个人都是他们领域的专家,在我的整个法律代理过程中,我得到了很好的照顾。

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我与Harris Bricken的律师合作了20多年,无论是作为企业主还是作为东海岸大型医疗系统的高管,这是因为他们总是高效地提供高水平和清晰的国际法建议。最近,哈里斯-布莱肯为许多与全球采购医疗产品有关的事项提供法律支持。他们的支持对COVID的启动特别有帮助,当时有很大的需求,需要快速获得个人防护设备,同时还要驾驭复杂的国际和国内法律要求。哈里斯-布莱肯的国际律师团队通过对潜在的供应商进行快速的尽职调查,为从海外运来的产品和通过美国海关的法律物流导航,以及起草合同以防止各种恐怖事件的发生来提供帮助。他们基本上是通过提供相当于24/7的服务来做到这一点的。我不能不推荐他们。

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Harris Bricken多年来一直代表我们公司从事合法的大麻行业。哈里斯-布莱肯在各种法律事务中为我们提供建议,他们是他们领域的真正专家。我会向任何对大麻法或任何法律事务有疑问的人强烈推荐Harris Bricken。他们对我们公司很有帮助,并将随着我们行业的发展继续指导我们。

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当你试图驾驭复杂的医疗保健法规世界时,你不会找到比Harris Bricken更好的合作伙伴。 他们不仅提供合理和可靠的法律建议,而且他们的反应能力也很强,能够以一种帮助你实现商业目标的方式来指导你。

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当我们开始在俄勒冈州建立一个 "从种子到销售 "的大麻公司时,我们看到了对专家法律顾问的需求。 大麻行业处处充满了潜在的危险,我们希望能找到最好的法律建议。 在与几家公司和个人交谈后,我们感到非常幸运的是选择了哈里斯-布莱肯作为我们的法律顾问。

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