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Dan Harris Discusses U.S. Firms in China (NEWS VIDEO)

How China's political climate is impacting foreign companies that do business in or with China. How the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting foreign compamies that do business in or with China. His advice for foreign businesses that do business in or with China.

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Is China the Answer? Nine Years On.

Sometimes, the answer will be yes, sometimes it will be no, and sometimes it will be something in between. For those for whom the answer is yes, the China they encounter (or continue to encounter) is one that is much changed from that of 2013. But many of the fundamentals remain the same. Keeping your nose clean is no guarantee of a smooth ride, but not keeping your nose clean is pretty much a guarantee of trouble. 

How to Resolve Sinosure Claims

Navigating Sinosure Claims Just Got Tougher

If you buy products from China or have your products made in China, there is a good chance you are familiar with Sinosure. This post discusses how Sinosure has greatly changed just in the last few months in terms of how it treats foreign companies.

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China’s Relations With the West: Straight Line Decline

There are those who believe China's ongoing Party Congress will bode well for companies that do business in or with China. I am firmly convinced that the opposite is true and that it will used as yet another opportunity by China to show that it will not be cowered by the declining relations and sanctions/counter-sanctions between the United States / EU / Australia / Japan on the one hand, and China on the other. I see China using this Congress to let the world (domestic and external) know that it fully intends to fight back and fight back hard. In other words, this Party Congress will lead to China's decoupling from much of the world accelerating, not slowing down. 

How to Resolve Sinosure Claims

Doing Business in and with China During COVID Lockdowns

I am more convinced than ever that the CCP does NOT want to ameliorate COVID's impact on China because doing so would diminish its incredible power and control over its people. And I'm also more convinced than ever that COVID in China -- more accurately, the CCP's handling of COVID -- will negatively impact foreign companies there for a long, long time.