cannabis business insurance

Our Cannabis Business Insurer Denied Our Claim. What’s Next?

Like companies in any other industry, licensed cannabis companies typically carry insurance and sometimes find themselves at odds with their cannabis business insurers. Those companies purchase a policy to cover a specific risk for a stated premium and when that risk presents itself, their business insurers suddenly have fine-print explanations for everything. In these situations,

cannabis business insurance

Protect Your Cannabis Business from Crime Risks

Data reveal a concerning increase in violent crime in many U.S. cities during COVID in 2020 and 2021. Increasingly, cannabis businesses, particularly dispensaries, are targets for robbery or other criminal activity. The reason that cannabis businesses are being hit particularly hard is not hard to fathom. Federal law still treats cannabis as a Schedule I

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How to Insure Cannabis Financing

Many investors and cannabis businesses are keen on opportunities to participate in financing rounds. As with any other investment or business venture, financing rounds for cannabis operations carry various risks. Investors and businesses looking to participate in these financing rounds naturally wonder how to insure cannabis financing, and what insurance options are available to protect

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Suing Your Cannabis Insurer? Choose Your Battleground Wisely

If you are suing your cannabis insurer, read this first. The venue in which you plan to file is of the utmost importance. The status of marijuana as a schedule I narcotic has made cannabis insurance litigation a bit of a chess match. Many cannabis businesses enjoy the benefits of state legalization and the ability

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A “How To” on Insurance for Marijuana Theft in Transit

These days, marijuana is constantly on the move in states with marijuana legal reform. As a result, marijuana theft in transit is not unusual (see here and here for example). Typically, licensees have to transport marijuana themselves or a licensed distributor does it on their behalf. Some of these companies may carry their own insurance



大麻领域的许多保险问题都是比较新的。从农场的防火保护到运输中的盗窃保护,投保人和保险公司都面临着适用于旧政策语言的新情况。在保险界,当一个新的或复杂的情况出现时,许多保险公司会有条件地接受 "保留 "的保险。

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Cannabis Insurance and Coverage Disputes

Legal representation in disputes with insurers has become paramount for cannabis companies in an ever-expanding operational environment. Cannabis companies may seek to insure against risk of loss as a result of challenges such as unexpected fires, crop protection, business interruption, or adverse consumer reactions to products. In many instances, cannabis companies are even required to

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Hemp Insurance Litigation: Oregon Federal Court Rules Insurer Has No Duty to Defend or Indemnify Hemp Farmer for Plant Loss

Insurance is a key part of any business, including cannabis businesses. As Jonathan Bench has explained: Insurance in the cannabis industry is big business, and business owners need to know what policies are available and what those policies cover. Why? Because in insurance policies, like all other business contracts (e.g. leases), the risk of a