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Mathew 是一名专攻娱乐、科技和创意行业的国际交易律师和企业顾问。曾被《综艺》(Variety Magazine)杂志形容为「为行业带来新风貌的律师」的 Mathew,在北京领导我们在中国的媒体和娱乐业务,并且在电影和电视项目中代理各大好莱坞电影公司和制片人。Mathew 的客户遍布各项行业,如科技公司、营销与活动管理公司、建筑公司、大学和出版商等。

Mathew在澳大利亚布里斯班出生长大,并在新南威尔士州取得律师资格。而现在的他正享受生活在北京这样一个中国政治和文化中心所带来的刺激和挑战。Mathew 2004  年开始在北京设立办事处,后于 2009 年迁居北京,以便更直接地参与正在蓬勃发展的当地媒体、娱乐和创意行业所提供的机会。他自 2010 年开始担任中国美国商会之中国媒体和娱乐论坛(AmCham China’s Media & Entertainment Forum)的联合主席,还是中国美国商会《白皮书》的定期撰稿人。

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Advised US streamer on content license deals with Chinese streamers.

Provided China production legals for major Hollywood studio.

Provided China production legals for US streamer.

Advised major Hollywood studio on China production and distribution deals for episodic content.

Advised major Hollywood studio on China distribution agreements and China format licenses for episodic content.

Structured and papered VIE-led China streaming venture for foreign syndicate.

Author of the UK-China Film & TV Toolkit.

Work published frequently on China Film Insider and Conventus Law.

Contributing blog writer on China Film, TV, and IP, China Law Blog.

Co-author, Media and Entertainment Chapter, American Business in China (White Paper), AmCham-China, 2011-2016.

Digital Redemption for China’s Movie Market,” Business Now, March 1, 2015.

Contributing Editor, Current Issues in Film Law, Butterworths, 2001.