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How can hemp-derived products help you safeguard and grow your business? Join Harris Bricken’s hemp/ CBD attorneys as they speak at the following FREE webinars hosted by ASD Market Week. When you register, you register for all three free webinars.

Selling Hemp Derived CBD Products in Your Retail Shop, Why Now? Tuesday, June 9 at 11am PT

Join attorney Daniel Shortt as he joins the panel to discuss the following:

  • The Fundamentals of CBD: What to Look for In Products & How to Assess a Reputable Brand or Manufacturer
  • The Current Market: What CBD Products Major Retailers Have Invested In & Where You Can Source Products Now

How to Market & Sell CBD Products Online  Tuesday, June 16 at 11am PT

Join attorney Nathalie Bougenies as she joins the panel to discuss the following:

  • How to navigate the marketing landscape of hemp-derived CBD products online
  • How to select the best products to drive online sales and organic traffic for free
  • What marketing claims to avoid so you don’t get a warning letter from the FDA

The Future of CBD Retail & Other Cannabinoids  Tuesday, June 23 at 11am PT

Join attorney Griffen Thorne as he joins the panel to discuss the following:

  • The latest cannabinoids and their potential
  • Which cannabinoids are most likely to grow as popular as CBD
  • How retails can expect the hemp-derived product industry to grow and change



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