In this February 21st, 2019 webinar moderated by Hilary Bricken, attorneys Daniel Shortt (Seattle, Washington), Nathalie Bougenies (Portland, Oregon), and Griffen Thorne (Los Angeles, California) provided an in-depth look at changes in federal law and policy post Farm bill, as well as its impact on each of the three west coast states (Washington, Oregon, and California). Throughout the presentation, our team also discussed the status of laws and regulations in each state.

Some of the topics we covered include:

  • The future of hemp permitting
  • Farm Bill implications for Internal Revenue Code section 280E
  • Banking for hemp-CBD businesses
  • Intellectual property for hemp-CBD businesses
  • CBD in food, beverages, vape cartridges, oils, topicals, and other products
  • Food and Drug Administration’s role in hemp-CBD

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