An unfolding series of risks and costs are leading many companies to consider leaving China or reducing their dependency on it. This is particularly true of companies that have their products made in China. Many of these companies are looking to set up manufacturing in Mexico. But leaving China for Mexico has its own risks, as does manufacturing in Mexico.

Join Robert Kossick, an international trade lawyer and long-time Mexico hand, as he lays out the challenges of leaving China and the pros/cons of nearshoring to Mexico. Given the increased level of interest, the variable quality of information, and the complex tariff dynamics that surround the issue, this webinar will provide the operational and legal insights needed to objectively assess the undertaking of such a move.

The first part of this webinar will focus on the big picture issues associated with leaving China. The second part of this webinar will unpack the opportunities and challenges entailed in nearshoring to Mexico. After first discussing the drivers, operational variability, and status of the current wave of nearshoring, this segment will address the following manufacturing-related considerations:

  • Labor
  • Manufacturing Base and Supply Chain
  • Logistics and Customs Clearance
  • Trade and Investment Framework (with an emphasis on tariff treatment)

The webinar concludes by framing the key questions companies should ask and answer in advance of leaving China and nearshoring to Mexico.