Want to Keep Your Business in China? Do These Things NOW

China today announced that it will be ridding China of unreliable people and companies. See China is establishing an ‘unreliable entities’ list that will include companies and people. Specifically, China’s Ministry of Commerce announced it will kick out of China “foreign enterprises, organizations and individuals that do not comply with market rules, violate the spirit

China Business Proposals: Keep it Simple Stupid

Foreign companies frequently come to the international corporate lawyers at my law firm wanting to do business deals in China. When we ask them for all documents regarding the deal, the client will often show us what they have sent to the Chinese side. This is usually a long document (typically at least fifteen pages

Do 97% of Chinese Want to Live in the United States?

The Globalist is out with an article, entitled, The American Dream Is Alive and Well In China, stating that “we heard that if U.S. immigration policies allowed it, 97% of the Chinese people would probably want to move to the United States.” I talked a bit about this previously in a post entitled, Representing Chinese

Does China WANT a Second Decoupling? The Chinese Texts Say That it Does

Presidents Xi and Trump prepare for a meeting next week at the G20 event with the purported goal of restarting negotiations to resolve the Section 301 tariff dispute and other trade issues between the U.S. and China. Many analysts and business people from both countries are confident this meeting will lead to resolution. Unfortunately, this

Keep Your Overseas Manufacturer Motivated

After having worked with literally hundreds of foreign (mostly American and European) companies that outsource their product manufacturing, I have become convinced those who put in real time and effort at establishing a good relationship with their overseas product suppliers have far fewer supply problems than those who just phone it in. And I would

Cannabis Consultants: The “Gift” That Keeps On Giving

In the past few weeks we have been working with a number of cannabis clients in similar tough spots. They didn’t want to spend a lot of early money on lawyers, so they negotiated some service contracts on their own. These contracts are generally with “cannabis consultants” to help in the financial space — either

So You Want To Practice International (China) Law?

Law students and recent law school graduates are always contacting me to ask how they can become international lawyers focused on China law. My response is usually a somewhat rambling dissertation on the need to build a solid legal foundation while working on improving language skills. I then talk about how almost every lawyer I

Cannabis Promises to Keep

For most of our clients in Illinois, Nevada, and Washington, the heady days of applying for state marijuana business licenses are behind them. These states have either reviewed or are still reviewing the application submissions, which included operating plans and financials and criminal histories. In those applications, especially in competitive states, the applicants made statements