Battle Royale? Phase 3 Cannabis Licensing in City of Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles has long endured questions surrounding its elusive Phase 3 licensing process for cannabis businesses. The City completed Phase 1 and 2 licensing without too much crazy change, but Phase 3 is very likely going to be a different story, and will affect a lot of stakeholders for better or worse.

Phase 3 Marijuana Dispensary Licensing in L.A. Finally Takes Shape

Big changes are coming for L.A.’s long-awaited Phase 3 licensing regarding storefront retail. The last time I wrote on this topic, the Department of Cannabis Regulation (“DCR”) made several proposals to City Council on how to re-vamp Phase 3 licensing for efficiency and expediency, which at the time the City Council pretty much rejected. However,

ICYMI: Phase 3 Marijuana Retail Licensing in L.A. Shoots to Commence in September

In case you missed it, at the end of last month, the City of L.A. finally decided on what to do with Phase 3 cannabis licensing regarding retail and retail delivery (see here and here for the City’s newest ordinances). In addition, City Council instructed the Department of Cannabis Regulation (“DCR”) to begin the pre-vetting process for social

Phase II Licensing and Social Equity in the City of Los Angeles

Cannabis licensing in the City of Los Angeles has been a slow go. Though the City’s Department of Cannabis Regulation (“DCR”) has licensed 155 Existing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (“EMMDs”) there is still an entire line of existing cultivators and manufacturers, social equity applicants, and general public applicants waiting their turn for cannabis entitlements. The City announced

Red Tape Alert: Phase 3 Cannabis Delivery Licensing in L.A.

A lot of attention has been paid recently to brick and mortar retail licenses in the City of Los Angeles for Phase 3 licensing, which is set to commence in early September of this year. While L.A. is trying its best to champion social equity with its Phase 3 storefront licensing, it’s also going to

California Cannabis: Los Angeles Moves to Reform Phase 3 Cannabis Licensing

This past weekend was the hallowed 4/20 holiday for those who celebrate and participate. Prior to 4/20, the City of L.A. made some progressive moves towards bolstering consumer protection in the City concerting illegal cannabis (see this pretty great interactive map for your legal cannabis providers in City borders) and rounding out (legally speaking) the

California Cannabis: L.A. Phase 3 Social Equity Window Opens Today

The prelude to Phase 3 licensing in the City of L.A. is finally upon us. Today, L.A. will begin accepting applications for Phase 3 social equity applicants for retail and delivery in the City. Specifically, Phase 3 social equity applicants will have from today through July 29th to prove up their Tier 1 or Tier

ICYMI: Los Angeles Updates Its Phase 2 Cannabis Licensing Process

The ups, downs, and unknowns around L.A. cannabis licensing have abounded from the passage of Measure M back in March 2017. This is not uncommon, especially in large cities, as regulators determine how to handle things on the fly and as issues arise (see, for example, social equity in L.A. and the ability to re-locate