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Harris Bricken’s China Risk Assessment Package gives your team high level insight from one of the world’s premier China business lawyers, Dan Harris.


  • Clear and sound advice  
  • Smart and tested solutions  
  • Strong guidance on strategies to address complex situations 
  • Virtual consultations 
  • Follow-up legal help available  

Access to Experience.

When it comes to assessing your company’s China risks, Dan Harris is the perspective your business is missing to determine the opportunities and risks that lie ahead.  Through this unique offering, we are providing you with the opportunity for a flat fee assessment of your company’s China risks, along with a report on the recommendations suggested to reduce your legal risks.

Access to Results.

Harris Bricken’s Risk Assessment Package gives your team high level insight from one of the world’s premier China business lawyers, Dan Harris. This package provides insight into your most important decisions that can include topics such as the following:

  • China regulations and laws 
  • Currency and payment issues 
  • Company structure  
  • Supply chain management and protections 
  • Political and cultural complexities 
  • IP Protections 
  • Litigation Avoidance 
Fees will range from $2,500 to $7,500 depending on the size and complexity of your company, the range of issues you want to discuss, and the nature and depth of the risk mitigation report you choose to receive. *The first 15 minutes of your call with Dan Harris are free. After Dan learns more about what issues you would like to discuss, a flat fee will be determined.

“Our company found itself in a difficult situation with a Chinese manufacturer that we had been doing business with for a decade. Our corporate attorney felt inadequate to counsel us on issues dealing with Chinese businesses so, after much research and vetting of other attorneys, he recommended we work with a specialist – Mr. Harris, whom he described as “the best in the business,” on the matter. So we did. Mr. Harris was absolutely amazing; his deep knowledge of and passion for Chinese business culture, manufacturing issues and legal matters quite frankly blew our mind. And we have been doing business in China for over 20 years. We felt like we finally found someone who “knows the ropes” of doing business in China, and understood the gravity of the problems we were dealing with, which was an enormous relief. His counsel was incredible and driven by his passion and curiosity to, first and foremost, help us to navigate these difficult circumstances. Mr. Harris was committed and accessible at all times. Never once did we get the feeling he put his needs ahead of ours. He continues to stay in touch which we appreciate. Having worked with many attorneys over the years, I can honestly say Mr. Harris is one of the best and a pleasure to work with. He has earned my highest recommendation.”
 – CEO of a Tech Company