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Jamaica: Psilocybin Leader

Jamaica is establishing itself as a global psilocybin leader. It surprises many people to learn that psilocybin has never been prohibited in the Caribbean nation and is not one of the controlled substances listed in Jamaica’s Dangerous Drugs Act. Over the past few years, we’ve fielded a number of inquiries in and around prospective and

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California Won’t Decriminalize Psychedelics This Year

In 2021, California State Senator Scott Wiener introduced SB-519, a statewide psychedelics decriminalization bill. Senator Wiener didn’t have the support to push the bill all the way forward in 2021, so he gathered momentum for a 2022 vote. After a gutting by the California Assembly, the state won’t decriminalize psychedelics in 2022. I’ve regularly blogged on

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Oregon Psilocybin Business Issues, Part 5

Welcome to the fifth installment in this series surveying business and regulatory issues in the Oregon psilocybin program. Today I will cover intellectual property considerations for Oregon psilocybin businesses. My law firm has written and presented many hundreds of times on intellectual property and controlled substances over the years. Mostly, this material focused on the

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Letter Shows Feds are Gearing Up for Psychedelic Drug Approvals

A recently published letter (“Letter”) indicates that the Biden administration is preparing for the approval of psychedelic drugs and MDMA to treat mental illness and PTSD. This type of federal agency correspondence would have been unimaginable five or six years ago. Things are changing fast! There are well-known potential health benefits of MDMA and psychedelics

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DEA Retreats on Five Psychedelic Compounds

Friday was a great day for psychedelics. More generally, Friday was a great day for science and medicine, the rule of law and rational inquiry. This is because the DEA backed down on its clumsy attempt to ban five more psychedelic substances (tryptamines), which it had moved to place on Schedule I of the federal

psychedelics decriminalization

California Psychedelics Decriminalization Bill Gets Revived

A statewide psychedelics decriminalization bill that’s been on pause for almost a year was recently set for a legislative hearing next month. This is huge news for California psychedelics advocates, even if we don’t have a ton of information on what is likely to happen just yet. In 2021, California State Senator Scott Wiener introduced

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Oregon Psilocybin Culture and Anthropology: Research Subcommittee Meeting Notes

Since January 1, 2021, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has engaged in a two-year development phase, creating regulations based on Ballot Measure 109. There are five subcommittees covering different aspects of the emerging psilocybin industry including research, health equity, manufacturing, training, and licensing. In this post, we will cover the most recent Research Subcommittee meeting

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Check Out Our New Psychedelics Glossary

Our mission at the Psychedelics Law Blog is to translate complicated legal concepts into plain English for psychedelics entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. We know just how complicated, inaccessible, and even contradictory psychedelics terminology can be. So we wanted to design an industry resource of key legal terms and even non-legal or technical terms for anyone in

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Utah Ketamine Clinics Face New Patient Monitoring Law

Earlier this year, Utah passed a law that will directly impact ketamine clinics. The new law is entitled “Anesthesia and sedation requirements – Unprofessional conduct – Whistleblower protection.” Ut. St. § 58-1-510. The new law is effective as of May 4, 2022, but the implementing regulations have been passed or implemented yet. We believe that

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Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board: June 22, 2022 Meeting

The Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board (OPAB) was established by Measure 109 and is responsible for making recommendations to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) for psilocybin services in Oregon. OPAB has met monthly since March of 2021, and the last monthly meeting was set for June 22, 2022. After that, OPAB will meet every two months. In a