Media and Entertainment

Bridging the Pacific.

Local knowledge is everything.

Doing business in China requires a talented cast—we've got that.

By coordinating teams of seasoned bilingual attorneys within China and on the West Coast, we help foreign executives achieve their goals in the fastest growing market the world has ever seen.

Harris Bricken represents US and other foreign media and entertainment interests with projects and business dealings in China. We work with studios, agencies and promoters on a range of legal matters including production finance, international co-productions and joint ventures, and intellectual property protection.

Harris Bricken is particularly well known for its media and entertainment work within China. China is a tough place where local knowledge is everything. We help deals make sense on both sides of the Pacific. Major Hollywood studios, producers and agencies seek our counsel and our clients also include international producers of film and television content as well as international marketing, design, publishing and advertising companies.

Our media and entertainment services include, but are not limited to:

  • Development, production and production finance
  • Acquisition of rights in underlying Chinese literary properties
  • International co-productions
  • International joint ventures
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Content and format licensing
  • Protection of IP including rights in scripts and formats
  • Formation and dissolution of business entities

Our Media & Entertainment Track Record.

Representative Work

  • Advise studio on chain of title in underlying Chinese literary properties.
  • Advise studio on structuring of Chinese production joint venture company.
  • Advise producers on option agreements for underlying Chinese literary properties.
  • Advise producers on China co-production deals and China co-production investment arrangements.
  • Advise producers on international collection account arrangements for China co-productions.

There is no substitute for been there, done that

and can do it again.