International Customs Law


Providing importers, producers and exporters with legal assistance on international trade and customs matters.

Imports and exports are the lifeblood of the global economy, but the regulation of international trade is continually evolving, and often subject to political machinations. In a world in which “trade wars” and “tariffs” have become everyday language, compliance with U.S. Customs law requires far more than ensuring forms are correctly prepared and prohibited goods are not landed at a U.S. port.

Just as conditions such as labor costs must be considered when choosing a manufacturing location, companies must carefully consider the tariff and duty implications of importing goods manufactured in those locations. Experienced at operating in all the major manufacturing centers in Asia, Europe and Latin America, our lawyers are uniquely equipped to provide importers, manufacturers and exporters with legal assistance on a full range of international trade and customs matters.

We help identify duty mitigation strategies that may save our clients money; we help companies develop and implement internal import controls; and we help our clients respond when regulatory or enforcement issues arise, e.g., when duties are improperly assessed, errors are discovered and need to be disclosed, penalties are issued, or goods are seized. Our cannabis clients in particular benefit from our experience dealing with the issues that affect their industry, such as import/export restrictions on CBD products and items that may be considered drug paraphernalia.

At the same time, the U.S. government’s actions to combat terrorism and human rights abuses around the world are leading to greater burdens on companies to ensure that their supply chains are secure and do not involve the use of forced labor. Facing the risk of significant fines, plus the indefinite exclusion of their products from the U.S. market, businesses simply cannot afford to ignore the issue (or rely only on the assurances of their suppliers) and must diligently monitor their entire supply chains, all the way down to the raw material used.

Every day, we help clients in dozens of industries determine how best to structure their international trade operations and to navigate the customs and import landscape to their best advantage. Knowledgeable, connected, and client-focused, our lawyers can help you optimize your cross-border supply chain operations, while ensuring your ongoing compliance with ever-changing laws and regulations.