Internet Fraud Litigation

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Internet fraud knows no borders.

Take action fast with a global legal team.

Finding and recovering your stolen assets worldwide.

Our internet fraud attorneys know time is of the essence when dealing with fraudulent parties. We’ll act quickly and aggressively to reclaim your property, whether it’s in the US or abroad.

The internet has become a fertile ground for large scale fraud. Every day, hackers, internet retailers, wholesalers, and credit card processors are keeping money or products that do not belong to them. The anonymity the internet provides, its global nature, and the lack of human contact involved make it relatively easy to steal someone else’s property.

Harris Bricken is on the forefront of internet fraud litigation. We’ve assisted victims of fraud in North America, Europe, China, Latin America, and Russia, and our extensive experience in locating and recovering assets worldwide naturally equips us to handle internet cases. Our attorneys have represented numerous internet retailers against various credit card processors for keeping funds belonging to their internet retailer clients.

Though every fraud case is different, the components for prevailing in these disputes are nearly always the same. We handle such cases by first gathering as much information as possible regarding the fraudulent scheme and its perpetrators, then using that information to force a settlement or to prevail in court. These cases are seldom quick and easy, but our record of recovering funds for our clients shows they are often worth pursuing.

If you are the victim of an internet fraud, it’s imperative that you act quickly. Waiting only gives the people with your money or assets more time to conceal what they’ve taken. At the same time, it is important not to alert the perpetrators that you are taking action against them. Harris Bricken will help you leverage the element of surprise and file a lawsuit quickly, which can often stop the secreting of assets.

Our fraud team has worked on the following types of scams:

  • Bank switch scams
  • Wine future scams
  • Fake and non-existent product scams
  • Credit card processing scams
  • Come to China scams
  • Fake notary scams
  • Fake lawyer scams
  • Fake educational institution scams