Hemp CBD Risk Matrix

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Though the FDA claims selling and marketing most Hemp CBD products is illegal many states have adopted varied legal approaches to regulating these products.

Some states allow manufacturing and selling all Hemp CBD products, including foods, dietary supplements, smokable products, and cosmetics. Other states strictly prohibit producing or selling any Hemp CBD products other than for “medical treatment.” A number of states ban Hemp CBD foods and dietary supplements, but allow Hemp CBD cosmetics. And a handful of states allow Hemp CBD foods and dietary supplements, but prohibit or restrict processing or manufacturing Hemp CBD smokables.

To top it all off, many of the states that legalized the sale of Hemp CBD products have their own Hemp CBD labeling and testing requirements.

This patchwork of state-by-state regulations forces manufacturers and distributors of Hemp CBD products to limit sales to states in which these products are deemed lawful, while also needing to know and abide by the wide range of regulations within each state.

Each month, our team of Hemp CBD attorneys tracks all 50-state laws and regulations pertaining to the sale of Hemp CBD products which we then summarize in a “Hemp CBD Risk Matrix.” This Risk Matrix gives companies a legal overview on Hemp CBD ingestibles (foods, beverages, dietary supplements and other consumable goods for humans), smokable products (dried flower, vaping products and cigarettes) and cosmetics (salves, lotions and other topicals) in all 50 states.

We charge a $3,500 fee for one month’s Risk Matrix and $15,000 for five months. We charge $1,500 for a one product category (ingestibles, smokables, or cosmetics) one-month Risk Matrix or $6,500 for five months.

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