Data Privacy

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Internet, Technology, and Data Security

Building legal firewalls to protect your data, your IP and your business.

With the growth of the global economy comes increasingly complex, international Internet, technology, and data privacy and security laws and regulations. Our data privacy lawyers are ready to help you navigate these complex requirements to ensure that your business, customers, intellectual property, and data are protected. All around the world.

Harris Bricken attorneys counsel clients on nearly every facet of the law online. Our lawyers advise companies on how to structure their websites and on what information their websites must disclose to comply with domestic and international laws. We help companies market products in a global, online market and we enforce our clients’ global intellectual property rights against infringing Internet conduct.

We assist domestic and international companies with their transactional issues related to the Internet, data security, and technology. We also advise companies on privacy and technology issues in domestic and international mergers and acquisitions, and we draft intellectual property license agreements, data protection agreements, and cloud service and other technology agreements worldwide.

Domestically and internationally, our Internet, technology, and data privacy and security services include:

  • Drafting privacy and cookies policies
  • Drafting policies on storage of data governed by protective orders
  • Advising on website accessibility laws
  • Helping ensure compliance with data security, advertising, and marketing laws and regulations
  • Creating training plans for employees
  • Reviewing and drafting intellectual property, cloud services, and other technology agreements
  • Merger and acquisition guidance
  • Litigating online intellectual property, false advertising, internet fraud, anti-cybersquatting, and business practices disputes
  • Initiating Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (“UDRP”) proceedings
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