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Online cannabis businesses must comply with numerous constantly changing state and federal regulations.

The state-legal cannabis industry has moved far beyond brick-and-mortar sales at dispensaries and has wholeheartedly embraced e-commerce sales and platforms to provide better and more accessible to consumers to the cannabis products they have come to know and love. Today, many cannabis businesses operate exclusively or largely online so long as state and local law permit it.  Those online cannabis businesses must comply with numerous, existing state and federal regulations governing data security, e-commerce, and advertising and marketing.

Harris Bricken’s cannabis business attorneys regularly counsel cannabis clients on nearly every facet of the law online, which is anything but straightforward and constantly changing as federal and state laws and rules change and mature to address online marketplace issues and safety. Our lawyers advise cannabis businesses on: how to structure their websites and their business copy and content, including consumer terms of use and terms of sale, develop required age gating for access, create compliant advertising and marketing campaigns in line with state, local, and federal laws, development of online representation and warranties, and enforce intellectual property rights.

Our cannabis digital services include:

  • Drafting privacy policies and other website or purchase and/or use terms and conditions
  • Website Purchase Contracts and Negotiation
  • Social Media Counsel
  • Internet Law & Policy Counsel
  • Digital Advertising Agreements
  • Online Contracting
  • Negotiating Online Media Rights
  • Commerce Documentation
  • Software Licensing & Purchase Agreements
  • Helping ensure compliance with federal and state marketing and advertising laws, such as Federal Trade Commission guidelines or the Telephone Consumer Protection Act as well as state-mandated marketing and advertising regulations around commercial cannabis
  • Navigating social media company advertising and marketing restrictions
  • Advising on website accessibility laws
  • Reviewing and drafting intellectual property, cloud services, and other technology agreements
  • Helping ensure that products comply with all applicable product-specific laws, including Proposition 65 for online businesses
  • Litigating online intellectual property, false advertising, internet fraud, anti-cybersquatting, and business practices disputes
  • Initiating Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (“UDRP”) proceedings

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