Cannabis Litigation

Cannabis litigators for cannabis disputes

The shortest distance between your cannabis business and success is us.

Winning in cannabis industry litigation requires more than just trial experience and knowledge of cannabis law. You need experienced business attorneys who know the complex and highly regulated areas of cannabis-specific litigation, arbitration, mediation, administrative disputes, and audits/accountings. You need lawyers who understand the importance of safeguarding your business’s cannabis licenses, intellectual property, real property and other assets — someone who can explain the complicated regulatory maze to judge or jury and still make your case. Your law firm must be willing to advocate relentlessly on your behalf amid a backdrop of evolving and complicated cannabis laws. Most importantly, your cannabis dispute resolution team must understand the cannabis industry, regularly speak with cannabis regulators, and be on top of constantly changing state-specific regulatory, legislative, and case law developments.

Harris Bricken meets all these needs. Few firms, if any, have handled as many cannabis-specific disputes.

We know how to fight hard, fight smart, and get the job done. Since 2010, we have successfully litigated commercial cannabis contract claims, cannabis company corporate disputes, cannabis intellectual property claims, and cannabis real property disputes, including land use and entitlement challenges. We have handled cannabis-related disputes through private party mediation, arbitration and courtroom litigation in state and federal courts around the country. We know all about “true party of interest,” “owner,” and “financial interest holder” challenges, and other regulatory obstacles that can put your cannabis business at risk. We also have substantial experience with “cannabis business divorces”—bitter conflicts among partners, companies, shareholders, joint venturers, lenders, and others. In addition, we monitor cannabis litigation developments on our acclaimed Canna Law Blog every day.

Our Cannabis Litigation services include:

  • Business disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Land use and entitlement disputes
  • Real property disputes, including breaches of purchase agreements and leases
  • Commercial cannabis license disputes
  • Lender litigation
  • Administrative appeals for denial, suspension, or revocation of your commercial cannabis license
  • California Proposition 65 defense
  • Trial and pretrial preparation, including discovery, motions, and negotiations
  • Advocacy in non-binding mediation
  • Advocacy in binding arbitration
  • Serving as cannabis-specific mediators and arbitrators (Harris Bricken attorneys who hear cases)
  • Agreed accounting, valuing businesses, audit and similar nonjudicial methods for reconstructing records

No matter your strategy, we can reduce your anxiety in any forum. We’ve been through it and we know how to win.