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Expert guidance through the world’s most diverse and complicated legal environment.

Everyone talks about “Asia”, but there is no “Asian market”. Mongolia has very little in common with Malaysia, or Myanmar. Indonesia has very little in common with India. And even within Asia, there are 4,000 very multi-cultural miles between Karachi and Kobe, and almost 4,000 even more multicultural miles between Ulaanbaatar and Ubud.

From the lawyer’s perspective, there is no more diverse and complicated legal environment than “Asia”. Every country has different laws, and within most countries are state, provincial, prefectural or county, as well as municipal laws and regulations that must be navigated.

Regarded as a leader in some of the most complex areas of international law, Harris Bricken provides strategic legal solutions for domestic and international companies doing business and facing legal disputes on four continents. We help our clients plan and protect their international enterprises and we know how crucial it is to understand local contexts, especially when you’re doing business with companies and individuals that are operating in their native cultures and legal systems. We have personnel fluent in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Thai, Hindi, and Gujarati.

Our lawyers have decades of experience providing counsel to clients operating throughout the Asia-Pacific region. This experience has taught us what works, and perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t work. We understand the laws, the legal systems, the regulatory environments and the broader global trade context, and our advice takes into account all these elements as we help our clients develop winning strategies.

We support our clients’ establishment and operation of businesses and manufacturing operations throughout the Asia-Pacific region by writing strong bilingual contracts, ensuring their intellectual property is protected, and conducting thorough due diligence. We also assist with entity formation, statutory compliance, operations finance and local partnerships, and we have successfully resolved countless legal disputes between entities in nearly two dozen countries.

Our deep knowledge of local laws and business and regulatory environments also allows us to help our clients identify appropriate manufacturing models and operational frameworks, and we provide counsel on sourcing and cost optimization quality control and productivity/process improvement, as well as relationship management.

Harris Bricken’s bold, innovative and connected approach has made us a leading name in international law, and no matter the country or the industry, our staunch commitment to the success of our clients remains the same.