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Cannabis Legalization: What’s At Stake on Election Day

Next week’s elections have the potential to make some serious changes and reforms for cannabis and even psychedelics. In this post, I’ll examine some of the bigger-ticket items to watch. The Presidency: Probably the most impactful thing for the cannabis industry is the presidency. I wrote a post last week about how federal law is

BREAKING: Preliminary Cannabis and Psychedelics Election Results
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BREAKING: Preliminary Cannabis and Psychedelics Election Results

Yesterday was a pretty big day for cannabis and psychedelics at both federal and state levels. Putting aside the presidency and congressional races, which haven’t yet finished, there were a number of statewide efforts to legalize cannabis, one measure to legalize therapeutic psilocybin, and two drug decriminalization efforts. All of them passed, and many of

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What Is This RCEP You Talk About?

China and 14 other Asia-Pacific nations recently signed the world’s largest free trade deal, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). As discussed in Asia-Pacific RCEPonds to Trump’s Snub, the RCEP’s launch raises uncomfortable questions for Washington, though it is actually quite modest in terms of member commitments. That said, RCEP will usher in changes, and

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How to Buy PPE from China

Contents of this Article: For-Profit PPE Buyers The Medical Provider/Government PPE Buyers China’s New PPE Rules How to Increase The Odds of Your PPE getting Through China Customs Getting Your China PPE Through U.S. Customs Buying products from China has always been risky, but COVID-19 puts us at an 11 out of 10 We Want

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The 2022 World Cup at Harris Bricken

The 2022 World Cup kicks off on November 20 in Qatar. With 32 teams from around the globe vying for the title, passions will be riding high at our very international law firm. Here’s who we’ll be supporting at Harris Bricken, broken down by groups. Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands We don’t really have

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Why Suing Chinese Companies in the U.S. is Often a Waste of Time

Just about every month, one of our international dispute resolution lawyers will get a call from a lawyer or company from somewhere in the United States, calling and expecting us to be interested in the great case they are offering us. Lately, we have been getting a bunch of these calls from companies that received

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The US-China Trade War: Winter is Coming

1. China has Broken its Promises to Open Its Economy I’ve had a front row seat to China for well over a decade. My law firm started this blog in January, 2006, and we were representing foreign companies in China and the rest of Asia long before that. When we started this blog we were

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International Dispute Resolution Clauses: Context is Everything

1. International Dispute Resolution Clauses Every month or so, a lawyer will write me out of the blue with a “quick question” about a draft contract. One of the most common “quick questions” we get are those asking us to “confirm” that some particular court or arbitration body would make the most sense for such