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Cannabis Ballot Measures are a Sucker’s Game: Notes from South Dakota, Mississippi, Nebraska and Florida

Last week, the Supreme Court of South Dakota overturned a voter-approved, constitutional amendment to legalize adult use cannabis statewide. Governor Kristi Noem instigated the anti-democratic fight on social welfare grounds, although the court made its ruling on technical grounds, finding that Amendment A violated a “single-issue” initiative subject requirement. If that’s true, you’d have to

Manufacturing Outside China
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Manufacturing Outside China: Nike Likes It And You Should Too

What can you learn from what Nike is doing? You can learn that there are plenty of countries other than China that manufacture quality items at a price that makes sense for a highly sophisticated international company like Nike and that alone ought to open your eyes to the manufacturing world outside China. Due to tariffs and shipping costs, manufacturing outside China makes increasing sense for many companies.

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Moving Manufacturing from China: Where you Gonna Run?

Many of our clients are considering moving their manufacturing out of China. As they look around S.E. Asia and South Asia (and occasionally elsewhere as well), they often come to us with the following question: to where should we move? In analyzing that question, it is worthwhile to consider why manufacturers were initially attracted to

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Media Piracy and the End of Chinese Cultural Exceptionalism

A month or so ago, a reader sent me a link to a report on Media Piracy in Emerging Economies. I was immediately enthralled. The report, put out by the American Assembly at Columbia University, “is the first independent, large-scale study of music, film and software piracy in emerging economies, with a focus on Brazil, India,

Manufacturing in Thailand
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China, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and the "Middle Income Trap."

I just learned a new term today that I know I will be using frequently in the future. The term is “middle income trap” and it crystallizes previously discombobulated thoughts I have had regarding China’s economic development. This new term (for me) comes from a Time Magazine article, Escaping the middle-income trap, on how Malaysia’s

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What Growing China-Latam Ties Mean for Your Business

China-Latam ties are growing. This is an important development for businesses, and not just those in China and Latin America. For businesses in the United States and most of the global north, China presents a conundrum. The lure of its vast markets remains strong, and for many companies it remains the go-to location for manufacturing or sourcing their products.

At the same time, there’s increasing concern at home about China’s behavior. If it was “just” a matter of human rights violations, there might be less concern overall with possible spill-on effects. However, there’s also a—not unjustified—feeling that China has unfairly muscled its way to economic dominance. As a result, companies must walk a fine line as they seek the benefits of China engagement, in order to placate increasingly frustrated customers at home.

But things are different in the global south.

illegal transshipping
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Transshipment: No Magic Remedy Against Tariffs

A few days ago, in China Manufacturing: “Elvis Has Left the Building”, we mentioned a South China Morning Post article suggesting the manufacturing exodus from China will not abate, regardless of any patches trade negotiators manage to place on the overall, strained U.S.-China relationship. That article included some sobering stats on the giant sucking sound we

China Belt and Road
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How Your Company Can Benefit from China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Part 1

I like to keep company with savvy international people with expertise that complements mine. My longtime friend, David Baxter, is one of those people. He is a South African who now lives in the Washington, D.C. area but routinely travels all over the world to advise governments and companies as an international development consultant. I