Tonantzin Brito,

Tonantzin Brito

In her role as Marketing Coordinator, Tonantzin spearheads day-to-day marketing duties that drive firm visibility. She builds and promotes webinars, manages social media, creates copy, designs marketing assets, and much more. Over the last 5 years, her passion for upsurging businesses has vitalized numerous brands, including cannabis and psychedelics-law firms, nonprofits, small businesses, and political campaigns. She’s cemented herself in the industry as a worker with a scrappy ethic and versed communication skills, from which she learned during an additional 5 years in sales and restaurant industry positions. 

Tonantzin graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in English-Creative Writing & Sociology, which fuels her innovative mindset, while nodding to progressive and modern directions. She spends free time in local music and art scenes, providing consulting for on-the-rise talent. 

Although her family originates from Southern California and Mexico, Tonantzin is a proud PNW native and enjoys nature exploration, traveling, music, and photography. Her happiest moments are with her Scottish-Fold cat GusGus, lounging in whichever majestically- stormy city she can call home.  

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