Steve Dickinson, Attorney

"One day on the ground is worth a month in the office."
Steve Dickinson

Steve focuses on assisting foreign companies that do business in and with China. He prides himself on working in the “real” China: the world of factories, fish plants, and farms that lie outside of Beijing and Shanghai. Work in these areas requires a command of the Chinese language and an appreciation for the history and culture of China, and Steve possesses both of those in spades.

Having lived in China for years, and having mastered both its language and its legal system, Steve’s unique expertise makes him an invaluable resource for our clients. His work is done entirely in the Chinese language, which gives him a much deeper and more accurate understanding of the source material than can be obtained through translations or second-hand reports. It also greatly increases efficiency and reduces costs.

Steve was named one of Washington State’s “5 Most Amazing Attorneys” by Washington CEO Magazine (along with Harris Bricken attorney Dan Harris) and one of only three “Washington State Amazing Lawyers” in International Law. Steve was the first attorney to be invited to China by an independent Bar Association and he has lectured in Chinese at the University of Beijing School of Law and to the Shanghai Bar Association.

Steve is a frequent speaker throughout the United States and in China (both in English and in Chinese) on various issues relating to International, Chinese, and United States law. He also co-authors the China Law Blog.

Steve spends his free time reading Chinese poetry and philosophy and participating in Qingdao Hash House Harrier runs.

More About Steve

Regular contributor to the award-winning China Law Blog.

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Affiliate Professor of Law, University of Washington (1995-2000)

Partner, Garvey Schubert Barer (1984-1995)

Lecturer (in Chinese), Beijing University School of Law (1996-1999)

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  • University of Washington School of Law (J.D.)
  • University of Washington (B.A.)
  • Washington
  • U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington
  • Chinese
  • Japanese