Chinese snap up fine art for use in laundering schemes Wealthy Chinese interested in moving their riches out of the country are doing so with help from an unusual cast of characters: sculptors, painters and calligraphers. Fine art buys are all the rage in the shadowy world of Chinese offshore money laundering — an illegal … read more

Gold mine scams point to trouble ahead, analysts say Retired Chinese diplomats and non-existent gold mines have been linked to fraudulent investment schemes in what analysts say may be a sign of trouble ahead as tightening liquidity and concerns about the viability of lending products are likely to result in further scams unravelling. Whenever there … read more

Washington state moves into uncharted territory in 2014 with the licensing and opening of legal recreational pot businesses. We asked experts in the state and elsewhere to predict the year ahead for pot, not just here, but also around the country and the world.

Washington adopted rules Wednesday for the recreational sale of marijuana, creating what advocates hope will be a template for the drug’s legalization around the world. Mexico, Uruguay, Poland and other countries and states already are reviewing the new regulations, which cover everything from the security at and size of licensed marijuana gardens, to how many … read more

Protecting intellectual property rights has been the single biggest hurdle for most companies to overcome when thinking about entering the China market. But that may no longer be the case because the number of IPR cases being filed is growing steadily in China.

Interview with Hilary Bricken of Canna Law Group on cannabis industry banking, diversity, and zoning.

The environment for foreign companies in China has been getting steadily tougher since 2006, when the nation came to the end of a five-year schedule of market-opening measures it pledged as the price of admission to the World Trade Organization.