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Fred Rocafort in The Morning Dispatch

More than anything it is a reminder of the U.S.’ rejection of Chinese claims over the South China Sea and, more importantly, willingness to challenge them,” said Fred Rocafort, a legal expert on China and former diplomat. “As we have seen with other territorial disputes around the world, verbal opposition alone is unlikely to deter countries making forceful claims.

December 4th, 2020 | The Last Vaccine Hurdle

Fred Rocafort in The Morning Dispatch

“The Chinese authorities and their Hong Kong adjuncts have made it abundantly clear that they mean business. They rammed through the National Security Law, expelled legislators from the Legislative Council, and have in general taken a hard line,” Fred Rocafort, a legal expert on China and former diplomat, told The Dispatch.

Griffen Thorne on KCRW Greater L.A.

“Decriminalization does not mean legalization, people often mix the terms up. And in fact, a handful of cities across the United States from Denver to Oakland to Santa Cruz, Anarbore, and Washington D.C. have all decriminalized psilocybin and in some cases other psychedelic plants. Which just really means the existing criminal laws stay there but local law enforcement is directed not to enforce those laws or to at least make enforcement a very low priority.”