China foreigner and dual national arrest risk

How Not to Get Kidnapped in China

China is dangerous for foreigners whose companies might owe money to a person or company in China. A few weeks ago, a reader e-mailed one of my law firm’s international lawyers with an article regarding China’s recent jailing of California businessperson Brian Horowitz over a debt allegedly owed to a Chinese company. According to yesterday’s

Avoiding Bad Quality China Products

Bad Quality China Products Beyond Your Worst Nightmare

One of the things our international manufacturing lawyers always tell our clients that source product from China is to be specific. We talk about how China has levels of quality five levels below anything most would even think possible and for Chinese manufacturers, those levels are normal. We mention how you can buy shirts (unbelievably

International dispute resolution

Owe Money to a Chinese Company? No Need to Pay

If one of our clients owes money to a Chinese company and it cannot pay all its creditors, our international dispute resolution lawyers recommend they pay the Chinese company last because the Chinese company will likely never sue to recover. I am NOT advocating not paying debts to Chinese creditors, but I am saying that

Getting paid by Chinese companies

China Company Owe You Money? A New Way to Get It.

My firm just seized a large sum of money from an Asian company that owed our client a large sum of money for some time. I cannot describe this case here because our international litigation team is still working on it, but it makes for a great example of a little known way to grab

International dispute resolution attorneys lawyers

Depositions in China: No Can Do

You are a litigator preparing a case in the United States. Your case is now in the discovery phase and you want to depose a key witness who is located in the PRC. This witness is either unable or unwilling to come to the United States and so their deposition must be taken in China.

International dispute resolution lawyers

International Sales Contracts: Do You Know What Your Law Is?

Companies frequently intend to have their contracts operate under one law, but mistakenly write their contracts to have some other law apply. The key is often not so much the law to be applied, but rather, the benefits from creating certainty in your contract as to the ONE law that will apply.