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Owe Money to a Chinese Company? No Need to Pay

If one of our clients owes money to a Chinese company and it cannot pay all its creditors, our international dispute resolution lawyers recommend they pay the Chinese company last because the Chinese company will likely never sue to recover. I am NOT advocating not paying debts to Chinese creditors, but I am saying that

China retail stores

Can Someone Explain China Retail?

I’m being serious. . . . I just recently got back from an Asia trip with my eleven year old daughter who loves shopping for clothes and is quite knowledgeable about them. Though we went to other places, she did most of her clothes shopping in Shanghai, Beijing, and Seoul, Korea. She did virtually all

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Why China Will Remain Stable

I am getting really tired of the media litany on how an economic downturn in China essentially guarantees political instability. I am getting tired of it because I disagree with it. I actually never thought of this until a few weeks ago when I was on a panel at the Kellogg School of Management’s “Greater

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Did a Pure Fabrication Move The Yuan Market?

The internet is abuzz with news that Chris Devonshire-Ellis of China Briefing may have influenced movement in the Yuan-Dollar conversion rate by what is being described by Chinese governmental authorities  as a “pure fabrication.” To summarize, China Briefing Magazine did a post claiming to have interviewed a Chinese governmental official who talked of the Yuan

The China price

Chinese Companies and Pots of Cash

I rarely have revelations, but after being knocked over the head countless times over the years, I finally got one regarding how Chinese businesspeople tend to view their businesses differently from how Western businesspeople tend to view theirs. The other day, a deal my law firm had been working on for a US company fell

Sexism in China

Sexism China Style

When I first read this post over at the Josh in China blog, I smiled. But then I frowned. Okay, I didn’t really frown, but I’m going for literary effect here. The post is entitled, Interesting Cultural Differences, and it reflexively notes how the women at Chinese toll booths are uniformly “extremely good looking girls.”

The China price

The Perils of Chasing Cheap Labor

I once ended up on the same Qingdao-Seoul-Seattle flight as a long-time client and friend of mine whose company, among other things, had been hugely successful in China in an industry where just about every other foreign company had failed. The long flights gave us a great opportunity to talk and we talked a lot

China work culture

China: When Cultural Differences Matter.

Regular readers know that we believe China business success depends more on being a good businessperson than know what color flowers to bring to a Chinese funeral. But, in other contexts, like managing an enterprise, or selling consumer products, culture can be more important and a recent Wall Street Journal article, entitled, Lenovo Goes Global,

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Top Ten China Business Survival Tips

I am a sucker for top ten lists and “10 Survival Tips for Expats Who Work in China,” is a good one. Here’s the list in bold, with my comments in normal font: 1. China is not a bubble, it will not fade so easily. True. What this means is that you should no more

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Rules Of China Toasting

There is a popular (and populist) expression in the United States, that “I am from the government and I am here to help you.” It is widely known to be sarcastic because so many Americans view the best way for the government to help is to stay out of the way. But when Americans start