China compliance checklist

A Legal Checklist for Doing Business in or with China

Clients, potential clients and the press are always asking our China lawyers what foreign companies doing business in or with China need to know to stay out of legal trouble. Since a client recently asked me to speak remotely to their company about the legal issues of which the company and its employees should be

China employment law

China Employee Problems: If You’ve Got One You’ve Probably Got Many

As regular readers of this blog should know, employers in China, (especially foreign employers) face myriad, complicated and hypertechnical local employment laws. This often means that one small employer mistake can lead to big and expensive problems. As much as we wish all our employment law clients would first come to us requesting we audit

Pressure washer/Power washer U.S. customs

New AD/CVD Petition: Power Washers from China and Vietnam

On December 29, 2022, FNA Group Inc., from Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, filed antidumping (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) petitions against U.S. imports of certain gas powered pressure washers (“power washers”) from China and Vietnam. These pressure washers are the latest gas powered equipment to be targeted for AD and CVD duties. In 2020, Briggs &

Dual language contracts

Dual Language Contract Dangers

Make sure you know what your contract says in the language in which a court will be interpreting it. Oh, and having a contract with more than one "official" language almost never makes sense.

China's New Quarantine Rules

China to Lift Its Quarantine Requirements

Quarantine requirements are set to be lifted for inbound travelers to China. According to press reports, starting on January 8, there will be no quarantine requirements for those arriving in the country, with the only requirement being a negative COVID test result issued within the preceding 48 hours. This is a critical development for all

China COVID Predictions

Will China’s COVID Re-Opening be Good or Bad for Business?

In What Does a Re-Opened China (Without Quarantine) Mean for Foreign Business? Renaud Anjoran of Sofeast Group looks at what China’s “COVID re-opening” will mean for foreign businesses. Let me begin by saying that I count Renaud among the group of people I consider most qualified to answer a question like this. I say this

China lawyers fraud

China Internal Company Frauds

Most of what we write about frauds involving China are about frauds perpetrated by Chinese companies against foreign companies. But as a reader recently emailed me, frauds perpetrated within foreign companies in China “are at least as common and every bit as damaging.” I agree, and today’s post highlights six of the most common internal