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China as Downturn Neophyte. If I Stick My Head in the Sand….

CLB’s own Steve Dickinson has just returned from the annual China Maritime Law Conference, made up mostly of Asian international maritime lawyers. This year’s conference was in Wuhan. Steve reports as follows after the first day: I just finished the morning session of the first day of the All China Maritime Law Conference being held

China work culture

China: When Cultural Differences Matter.

Regular readers know that we believe China business success depends more on being a good businessperson than know what color flowers to bring to a Chinese funeral. But, in other contexts, like managing an enterprise, or selling consumer products, culture can be more important and a recent Wall Street Journal article, entitled, Lenovo Goes Global,

Shanghai versus New York

Shanghai To Replace New York As World’s Financial Center: I Don’t Think So.

Interesting Washington Post article by Ariana Cha, on how Shanghai might eventually replace New York as a world financial center. The article is entitled, Financial Hubs See an Opening Up at the Top: Wall Street’s Long, Dominant Run Is Fading, Global Financiers Say and it talks about how Wall Street is falling and others are

International dispute resolution lawyers

International Sales Contracts: Do You Know What Your Law Is?

Companies frequently intend to have their contracts operate under one law, but mistakenly write their contracts to have some other law apply. The key is often not so much the law to be applied, but rather, the benefits from creating certainty in your contract as to the ONE law that will apply.


Blawg Review #162

“I hear that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.” Bob Dylan, Man of Peace “I am a man of peace.” Kwai Chang Caine, Kung Fu, Episode 8 “Peace lies not in the world…but in the man who walks the path.” Master Po, Kung Fu, Episode 8 When I took on this task of

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China Manufacturing Protections: My Elevator Speech

Many years ago, my old law firm brought in a “legal marketing expert” to lead a marketing seminar for the firm. I do not remember a single thing from that session beyond that the expert forced each of us to describe our practice as though we had just been asked to do so by someone

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Top Ten China Business Survival Tips

I am a sucker for top ten lists and “10 Survival Tips for Expats Who Work in China,” is a good one. Here’s the list in bold, with my comments in normal font: 1. China is not a bubble, it will not fade so easily. True. What this means is that you should no more

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Danone v. Wahaha: China Business Lessons To Be Learned

This month’s China Economic Review contains an article by Harris Bricken attorney Steve Dickinson on the Danone Wahaha dispute. The article is an offshoot of a speech Steve gave for JP Morgan on China Joint Ventures. Steve’s China Economic Review article is entitled Danone v. Wahaha: The lessons to be learned from the tensions within

China trademark registration

China Trademarks — Do You Feel Lucky? Do You?

Our advice to companies that do any business with China (including those that merely have their products made in China) is to register their trademarks in China before they go there. China is a first to register country, which means that whoever registers a trademark first gets it. I repeat: in China, whoever registers a