Ley bancaria SAFE

Breaking Down the Safe Banking Act: Why It Matters for Cannabis Businesses, Financial Institutions and Consumers

The Safe Banking Act, also known as the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act (SAFE Banking Act), is sorely needed legislation to address the critical issue of financial services being denied to marijuana businesses that operate in the state-legalized industries. We’ve written extensively about the SAFE Banking Act over the past several years. See here,

disolución de una empresa de cannabis

Cómo disolver una entidad de cannabis

El sector del cannabis se encuentra en una situación desesperada, quizá incluso en recesión. Las empresas del sector no pueden acogerse a la protección por quiebra y buscan formas creativas de hacer frente a la crisis del mercado. A medida que las empresas tratan de deshacerse de los activos improductivos, nuestro grupo de cannabis ha recibido montones de preguntas sobre cómo hacer frente a las depresiones en el sector.

garantías reales sobre el cannabis

Intereses de seguridad del cannabis: Qué hacer y qué no hacer

I previously wrote about how the cannabis industry should prepare itself for tough financial times. Capital is increasingly hard to come by unless you find yourself in a newly launched state like New York, perhaps. But once a state cannabis program is relatively mature, it’s only a matter of time before it’s a race to

washington cannabis pay to play

Washington Cannabis: Beware “Pay to Play” Arrangements

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (“WSLCB”) published an industry update on October 25 detailing a recent increase in complaints by cannabis producers and processors of “pay to play” terms. Apparently, some cannabis producers and processors have been paying retailers to acquire shelf space for their cannabis products. These arrangements have become prominent enough

propuesta de normas sobre el cannabis en oregón

Propuesta de normas sobre el cannabis en Oregón: Una bolsa de sorpresas

We have been reviewing a raft of Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) proposed rules that could significantly affect the Oregon marijuana industry. These proposed rules have implications for licensees, potential licensees and even people doing business with industry like landlords and lenders. Everyone, really. You can find the first three posts in our series


Un algoritmo contradice a Amazon, que está a favor del cannabis

Amazon’s prohibited product algorithm gets drug paraphernalia analysis wrong Amazon’s prohibited product algorithm is creating issues in the ancillary cannabis business space. In doing so it directly contradicts the company’s pro-cannabis public image. On September 26, Seattle Times reporter Lauren Roseblatt wrote an interesting article describing Amazon’s abrupt removal of an herb grinder company’s (“Golden

cannabis oregon

Tiempos difíciles para el cannabis en Oregón

Oregon doesn’t want any new cannabis businesses. This turnabout happened rather quickly. Until this spring, the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) issued most types of cannabis licenses to anyone who qualified under relatively broad parameters, through a cheap and simple licensing process. Oregon was even the first state to open its program to non-resident

cannabis recession

Prepararse para una recesión del cannabis

Cannabis Recession on the Horizon A cannabis recession may be coming and no cannabis business is immune. Prices are rising, operations are expensive to run, over regulation is rampant, local control is stifling, and you can’t even take many business deductions with the IRS because of IRC 280E. While things like interstate commerce agreements are


Quiebra de la marihuana: La respuesta sigue siendo "no"

The struggles of failing marijuana businesses to wind down and pay creditors in an orderly fashion serve no one. Among the problems marijuana businesses face such as lack of access to banking and onerous taxation stemming from IRC 280E is the lack of access to bankruptcy proceedings. This post discusses a  Michigan-based medical marijuana company

cannabis contract dates

Fechas de los contratos de cannabis y por qué son importantes

Contract dates are among the most basic, fundamental aspects of any contract– cannabis or otherwise. Nevertheless, parties often mess them up or overlook them in potentially disastrous ways. Today, I want to look at a few key contract date issues and what they mean. Key contract date terms An execution date is the date on which