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Der kürzeste Weg zwischen Ihrem Cannabis-Geschäft und Ihrem Erfolg? Wir.


Our cannabis attorneys know how to help your cannabis business succeed in state administrative hearings and appeals in CaliforniaOregon and Washington.

Why? Because we’ve done it before. We have been handling cannabis administrative hearings and appeals since 2012. Use our experience and our depth to gain the edge you need.

State agencies may choose to deny your business registration, revoke your business license, impose fines or even cancel your cannabis business license for alleged violations. In the cannabis industry, even minor infractions and violations can eventually have devastating consequences for your cannabis business.

The Administrative Procedure Act (APA) gives you the right to appeal any of these fines or decisions, and our cannabis litigation attorneys have represented many clients in doing so. The appeal process is an arduous one that operates similarly to a civil lawsuit. Failing to comply with rigid timelines and intricate rules can mean compromising your appeal or losing your window to appeal altogether, but our cannabis litigation team has done this before and knows how to keep you on track.

Our team has guided clients through appeals and hearings on the following:

  • Business license revocations and denials, including successfully arguing that payments made by a licensee to a sales representative did not violate Washington’s rules requiring disclosure of all true parties of interest in a licensed marijuana business
  • Non-renewals of specialty licenses
  • Contested license applications
  • Fines, sanctions and penalties for violations, including securing multiple settlement agreements with reduced penalties

Regardless of whether your cannabis business is in California, Washington, or Oregon, our team of cannabis lawyers can help ensure your administrative pleadings meet the stringent criterion for submission to the relevant state agencies. Most importantly, we will work relentlessly to develop intelligent and well-researched arguments vital to making your appeal successful.

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