Doing Business in Myanmar Burma

Doing Business in Burma/Myanmar: An On the Ground Report

Robert Walsh, sometime Seattle resident and long-time friend of our law firm (we worked on a number of China deals together and we — Dan and Steve — met up with him on our last trip to Myanmar), has spent the last four years in Myanmar, where he operates a vibrant business consultancy. Robert is fluent in

China employment lawyer

China Employee Working Hour Laws

One of the most important things you should know about China employment law is that employees have many rights they cannot contract away. For an example of this, see China Employers: Pay Your Employees on Time to Avoid Lawsuits and Penalties. China employee working hours is another good example of this. As I have written previously,

China Negotations

THE Book on How to Negotiate with Chinese Companies: The Fragile Bridge

Way back in 2012, my good friend Andrew Hupert wrote a book on negotiating with Chinese companies: The Fragile Bridge. And for the last five years, whenever anyone asks me what book to read to learn more about how to negotiate with Chinese companies I recommend The Fragile Bridge. Earlier this week, someone to whom

China IP Lawyers

China IP Theft: Why Pay for Technology?

My law firm’s China lawyers do the legal work on all sorts of transactions with China, ranging from relatively simply manufacturing contracts to purchase widgets to relatively complicated joint venture deals to technology licensing deals to mergers and acquisitions (involving both the purchasing of a Chinese company by a Western company to the purchasing of

How to form a china wfoe

China’s Dynamic Cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Nanjing

Commercial real estate company Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL) has come out with a ranking of cities worldwide by “momentum.” [link no longer exists] JLL researchers used 42 factors to evaluate world cities on the move and their rankings do at least somewhat jibe with the sense I have regarding the cities I know. Their ranking of

Chinese CUlture

China Business Etiquette

I just finished reading and heartily enjoying the book, Etiquette Guide to China: Know the rules that make th difference, by Boye Lafayette De Mente and Patrick Wallace. I read most of it on a flight back from Barcelona, Spain, my law firm’s European headquarters, and a city in which I have spent a fair

China red envelope

Are China Red Envelopes Ethical?

Been catching up on old emails this weekend and among those was one from a reader attaching a New York Times article, From China, With Pragmatism: Are the Chinese outdoing Americans at their own philosophical game? The article is by Stephen T. Asma a philosophy professor and it deals with how ethics in China are viewed from

Export Guide

The Definitive Guide to Exporting

I have been a fan of Laurel Delaney and her blog, the Global Small Business Blog, for years. Ms. Delaney and her blog do for exporting what we seek to do here for China: provide no-nonsense, real-life information that helps. Ms. Delaney’s focus is on exporting products and services from the United States, with a

China museums

New Museums in China: A Stunning Book

Whenever I am asked what I would have been had I not become a lawyer, I always respond by saying architect. I love buildings and I still am in awe of those who create beautiful/unique ones. Which is why I am enamored with the book, New Museums in China, by Clare Jacobson. This book is

China Law Reader

China Law Reader: Buy This Book

The number of law students outside China who speak Chinese is increasing. The number of law students outside China who read Chinese is increasing as well, though that number is considerably less than those who speak it. The number of law students outside China who read Chinese legal documents with anything approaching their ability to