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It’s Time for Conscious Uncoupling With China

Every few years I will read or hear or see something that changes a good chunk of my worldview. The book, World on Fire, by Amy Chua (yes, that Amy Chua, of Tiger Mom fame) did that by convincing me that for democracy to work it must be essentially home-grown. My going to the Cu

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Do Not Blame Chinese People for the Coronavirus. No Exceptions.

Vincent Chin In 1982 Vincent Chin was murdered in the United States for being Chinese. The below is a summary of his story — taken from Wikipedia: Vincent Jen Chin (May 18, 1955 – June 23, 1982) was a Chinese-American draftsman who was beaten to death by two white men, Chrysler plant supervisor Ronald Ebens

You Like Us. You Really Like Us.

Way back in February, 2006, when China Law Blog was all of one month old, the Wall Street Journal wrote about and linked to one of our blog posts. Our readership shot up from around 50 to 5,000 and we thought that was just about the coolest thing ever. It meant we had made it.

Doing Business Internationally: The 101

Just got back from teaching an International Law course at Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law in Bloomington, IN. I team taught this course with an experienced and excellent law professor, Professor Hannah Buxbaum. Professor Buxbaum is a powerhouse and I ended up learning a ton from both her and the students in the class. Teaching

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Foreign Policy Starts The China Brief and You Should Read it

I have been a fan of Foreign Policy Magazine (now usually called just Foreign Policy or FP) since I was a kid — not kidding. I can remember always going to Michigan News in Kalamazoo, Michigan (that store has been there since 1947!) to spend my hard-earned newspaper delivery money on the latest issue of

Same. Same. Same. Same.

The Seeds of the US-China Trade War Go Way Back

I am often asked why I blog and one of the reasons I always give is that I learn so much from it. One of my favorite blog learning devices is asking super-smart people to guest blog on here, especially when their expertise is different from that of the blogging lawyers at my law firm.