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Due Diligence: Always Important, but Critical in Times of COVID

I am currently organizing a webinar on PPE transactions with my colleagues in the Florida Bar International Law Section, which will feature Dan Harris as a panelist. As we finalized the agenda, one of my co-organizers observed that fraud overshadowed every other agenda item. Not only do I agree, but this provides the best framework

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International PPE Deals: From Chinese N95 Masks to Malaysian Nitrile Gloves

It has been a wild 12 months in the global PPE market. Last year when we started working on our first Covid-related PPE transactions, everyone needed N95 face masks, but many of the deals moved so quickly that virtually no companies slowed down enough to involve their attorneys. And if they did involve their attorneys,

An FAQ on China PPE

Last week, Fred Rocafort (one of our international trade lawyers), Dan Pak (a VP of Procurement at a large East Coast hospital chain) and I put on a 90+ minute webinar on navigating PPE purchases from China. Based on the feedback we have received and the fact that a number of webinar companies have asked