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China E-Commerce: Resistance is Futile

The PRC National People’s Congress last week promulgated a second discussion draft of the PRC E-Commerce Law (电子商务法草案). This statute is an attempt to gain greater control over China’s online consumer markets, which have exploded with little or no regulation. The lack of regulation has not slowed development of e-commerce in the PRC. The success

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China Establishes First Cyber-Court

China has adopted a plan to establish a cyberspace court in Hangzhou lately. The plan is for this court to accept filings electronically, try cases via livestream and hear only e-commerce and Internet related cases. Why Hangzhou? As a general rule of Chinese civil procedure law, lawsuits must be brought in the place of the defendant’s

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The China Domain Name Scam Redux

Every so often there seems to be an uptick in what our China lawyers call the China domain name scam and now is one of those times. Our lawyers have lately been getting a slew. of emails from companies asking what they should do about an email they just received (usually in badly written English)

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China’s New Cybersecurity Law: The 101

China’s Cybersecurity Law (CSL) became effective on June 1, 2017 and it regulates the construction, operation, maintenance and use of networks, as well as network security supervision and management within mainland China. The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) is the primary governmental authority supervising and enforcing the CSL. The CSL regulates cybersecurity from different aspects,

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Five Ways to Prevent Duplicates of YOUR Product from Being Sold on Amazon

American and European companies that have their consumer products made in China constantly have to contend with their own products or a counterfeit of their own products showing up on Amazon. My law firm’s international IP lawyers frequently get inquiries from companies that sell their products on Amazon and have seen their sales fall by

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China Cybersecurity and Data Protection Laws: Change is Coming

China’s new Cybersecurity Law will become effective on June 1, 2017. In addition to focusing on cybersecurity, the law also details how companies are to handle personal information and data. In determining what is allowed and not allowed for handling personal information in China, it is important to examine The Decision on Strengthening Information Protection on Networks (2012), The Guidelines

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The China Bank Scam: It’s Growing

We write about this particular scam every six months or so because it just keeps happening, and in ever greater numbers. The Wall Street Journal did a story on it today, entitled, New Techniques Used to Target Business Email and in the last month alone, our China lawyers have received emails from at least three companies

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China and the Internet of Things

This post is a short riff on the recently issued Online Trust Alliance’s IoT Framework that sets out thirty guidelines related mostly to sustainability, security and privacy surrounding connected devices. Though these are “just” guidelines, we expect most leading IoT device manufacturers will be influenced by them. The following guideline No.3 immediately stood out to

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China and The Internet of Things and How to Destroy Your Own Company

Years ago, I spoke at a major technology event on how to protect IP from China. I rarely use notes when I give a speech, which leads me to often riff on various things. At some point during that speech, I mentioned how technology companies tended to get into the biggest trouble when it comes

China Film Industry

The China Film Industry: An Update

Mathew Alderson, our lead China media and entertainment lawyer out of Beijing, was interviewed for a China Economic Review story entitled, 2015: The Year China’s Film Industry Doubled Down on Content. The full text of the interview is below, with the publisher’s kind approval. CER: What were the biggest developments in China for cinematic IP during