China online gaming regulations

China Online Game Addiction Prevention Requirements

Online games in China must get approval from the National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA) to be published and sold in China. See China Online Game Approval Laws. The NPPA review and approval process involves requiring that the game have a built-in addiction prevention mechanism. In November 2019, the NPPA released a Notice on Preventing

China Alibaba counterfeit takedown lawyers

How To Take Down Counterfeits From Alibaba and Other Chinese E-Commerce Sites

We have for years been writing about how our lawyers have a near 100% success rate at getting counterfeit products removed from Chinese e-commerce websites like Taobao and Almost all Chinese e-commerce sites, including the Alibaba family of sites (Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba, AliExpress,, etc.), have formal internal procedures for removing product listings that


China Cybersecurity: No Place to Hide

Contents of this Article: I. Cybersecurity with Chinese Characteristics: The Party is the leader of everything. II. China’s Comprehensive Network Security Program III. China’s Regulatory System: The Multi-Level Protection Scheme (MLPS 2.0) IV. Cryptography is not a solution. V. A Concrete Example: The Golden Tax Malware Program  VI. How Companies are Pushed into an Insecure


SaaS in China: Resistance is Futile

Software as a Service (SaaS) works great when confined to the Internet of a single country or region such as North America or the European Union. The core concept of SaaS is that an open Internet exists on which SaaS can be built and delivered. But what happens when companies attempt to deliver SaaS into

China law changes

Selling Products Through Online Marketplaces Will Get Tougher

Less than two weeks ago, in Suing Chinese Companies for Product Liability, I wrote about the difficulties in holding Chinese companies responsible for defective products in U.S. courts and elsewhere. The problems include asserting personal jurisdiction over a Chinese company and the lack of enforcement of U.S. judgments in China. Because so much of the


Sports Broadcast and Music Video Copyright in China

Sports broadcasts aren’t recognized as copyright subject matter under Chinese statute law although they have been accepted as such in some of the Chinese case law. This makes it necessary for sports brands, such as leagues or their licensees, to tackle piracy using Chinese anti-unfair competition laws. These laws are considered less desirable because the

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Music Royalties in China: Let Those Without Sin Cast the First Stone

China is digital. Its music market is almost entirely digital. Physical sales here comprise only about 20% of the total market.  China has more than twice as many internet users as the US has people. There are about 900 million mobile internet users here, 70% of whom consume music online. That means there are around

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PRC Government Hacking: How It’s Done

In The Chinese Government is Accessing YOUR Network Through the Backdoor and There Still is NO Place to Hide, I explained how Chinese banks are requiring their account holders — including all foreign companies in China — to install malware which allows the Chinese government to see all account holder data. In China Malware: Sorry, Techno Geeks,