Malaysia on Our Minds

Malaysia is in our minds these days, as the country keeps popping up in our work. This is no coincidence, as the country emerges as one of the beneficiaries of China decoupling. Here we discuss three things you should know about what's happening in MY these days.

illegal transshipment southeast Asia

Beware of Transshipment

U.S. companies importing goods from Southeast Asia must beware of transshipment schemes by Chinese suppliers. Not only do these schemes mean dealing with China problems after a supposed China departure, they also give rise to serious liabilities if importing into the United States. Over the past few years, companies have had plenty of reasons to

China supply chain risks

The 800-Pound Gorilla Affecting Your Supply Chain

“Where does an 800-pound gorilla sit?” “Anywhere it wants to.” In many, many companies’ supply chains, China is the 800-pound gorilla. And many companies established manufacturing and sourcing operations in and with China back when the gorilla weighed only 250 pounds, or 400. Things are different now. Recapping China Risk Factors, Which Have Been A

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Sourcing Product From China Just Got Even Riskier

Sourcing product from China just got even riskier. Theses risks have never been higher and they just keep increasing. The Russian war and COVID in China are the key causes for this increased risk and both are nearly certain to get far worse.

Russia's War and China impacts

Russia’s War Will Impact Your China Business, Part 2

In our initial post, Russia's War Will Impact Your China Business, we talked about why there would be an impact. That post was less than a week ago, but since then we have become more certain that Russia's war will impact your China business and we now view that impact as likely to be even greater than what we posited it would be just days ago. 

China to Mexico Manufacturing

Moving Manufacturing to Mexico from China: The Questions We Got

A few weeks ago, we did a webinar on moving manufacturing from China to Mexico. To watch the webinar, go here. To see the Powerpoints from the webinar, go here. During the webinar we promised to post answers answers to questions we were asked but were unable to answer during the webinar. The below are an initial set of questions and answers. We will follow up with a part 2, with more questions and answers, in a few days. These questions are in no particular order. We received a number of questions that were very particular to a company or an industry and we will not be answering those questions on here, but if you email us, we will do so to the extent possible.

Protecting Your Product From China: The 101

Protecting Your Product From China: The 101

This post explains how to protect your product from China when having your product made in China. One of the first things our international manufacturing lawyers do when working with a company having products made in China is to figure out the contracts and IP registrations that will ensure our client's intellectual property and other rights will be protected against its Chinese manufacturer and the rest of the world.

China LAwyers

THE Rules When Manufacturing Overseas

International Manufacturing Turmoil Increases International Manufacturing Risks With the increasing risks of manufacturing in China, our international manufacturing lawyers are being contacted by many companies seeking legal help after all has been lost. These are mostly companies that moved their manufacturing to “bad” Chinese manufacturers or to other countries in an effort to reduce their