Moving manufacturing from China to Mexico

Leaving China for Mexico: Lessons from the Ground

Leaving China for Mexico and alternative manufacturing destinations has been on every CEO’s mind for years. A couple of weeks ago, I joined a trade delegation to Mexico City and Guadalajara, led by Utah Governor Spencer Cox. This was the first trade delegation to Mexico by any U.S. governor since Covid rocked the world, and

China NNN Agreements

China NNN Agreements: Essential and NOT for Trade Secrets

When my law firm’s international manufacturing lawyers  work on international manufacturing arrangements, we never just draft a “straight NDA.” Instead, we draft a “non-disclosure/non-use/non-circumvention agreement” that we refer to as an NNN Agreement. Why? Because a Western-style NDA is worthless or worse for China. For China, you need a China-specific NNN Agreement. 1. China NNN

China Supply Chain Nightmare

The China Supply Chain Nightmare: It Is Time to Panic

Fortune Magazine just came out with an article entitled: "Companies are beginning to panic: Experts say China’s lockdowns will make inflation and the supply chain nightmare even worse." To which my immediate thought was, "beginning"? Smart companies were panicking months ago; today is just the realization of so much of that panic. And do NOT say we did not warn you of all this. But before I turn to proving how our supply chain predictions have become reality, I will extensively summarize and quote from this Fortune article to get you up to speed with the disaster that is today's China supply chain. 

International Manufacturing Term Sheets

International Manufacturing Term Sheets

International Manufacturing term sheets save time and money. They help potential product buyers and product sellers figure out whether they are on the "same page" and whether they will ever get on the same page. They also reduce attorneys' fees because drafting a contract when parties agree is invariably faster, easier and cheaper than drafting a contract before the terms are clear. 

Friendshoring. Moving manufacturing from China friendshoring

Moving Your Manufacturing out of China: Choose a “Friend”

The U.S. Treasury Secretary Suggests You “Friend-Shore” Your Supply Chain Regular readers of this blog know that we have been strong advocates for “de-risking” supply chains, especially when they are overweighted with China manufacturing. We always note that we understand some companies cannot easily shift manufacturing and operations out of China, but those that can, should.