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Money for Nothing: Paying Chinese Suppliers in Hong Kong or Singapore

Your China manufacturer asks you to send its payment to a bank account in another jurisdiction, such as Hong Kong or Singapore. Should you agree? Probably not. When working with our clients that are having their products manufactured in China (or in various other leading manufacturing countries such as Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico, Poland, Vietnam, India,

International IP Protection

WHEN to Start Protecting Your IP Internationally

A client of ours sent me a 2015 article by Case Engelen (a leading international electronic designer) the other day, entitled Kickstarter Prototype to Production: $100K is not Enough, and asked whether I agreed with it. I most certainly do. The article provides a list of compelling reasons why getting an electronics product manufactured in

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China Manufacturing: It’s All About the Contract

I saw this headline and I could not resist reading the article by the Moneyist on MarketWatch: “I bought a store for $80K. It quadrupled in value. My friend gave $7K for the purchase and $6.7K for repairs. Does he get back 4 times both investments?” I could not resist because it is so similar

International Manufacturing Lawyers and NNN Agreements

Getting the Companies Straight When Manufacturing Overseas

One of my law firm’s international manufacturing lawyers got this email the other day, which is actually an incredibly typical one, both for China and for various other leading manufacturing countries (such as Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico, Poland, Vietnam, India, etc.): I am inquiring if I could ask you a question if I may, as we

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How to Reduce Your Foreign Manufactured Product Liability Risks

How often do you stop to think about the ubiquitous “Made in China” label? If you are buying products from China, you should think about this all the time. The same holds true if you are buying your products from any third party manufacturer anywhere. To convince recalcitrant clients of the need for product liability

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Overseas Manufacturing: Deep Six The English?

How many of you know what “deep six” means? How many of you have used equally difficult to comprehend slang/words when emailing with your overseas manufacturer? How many times has your overseas manufacturer emailed you back to seek clarification of such words or of anything at all? I’m betting not often. I recently had a

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How to Succeed At Overseas Manufacturing

Many years ago, David Dayton over at the Silk Road International Blog did an excellent post on overseas manufacturing, entitled, “What to ask for at a trade-show (and afterwards too).” Daytons starts by saying he is writing the post because he is always getting asked what to look at for at trade-shows. The post is