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Bernie Maddoff and International Fraud

Went to a party last night where a group of us discussed the following scams: 1. Bernie Madoff. 2. Mark Dreier. I brought this one up and I have to give Dreier credit for managing to pull off a 300 million dollar scam, yet gain very little recognition for it because Madoff so quickly threw

The China price

Chinese Companies and Pots of Cash

I rarely have revelations, but after being knocked over the head countless times over the years, I finally got one regarding how Chinese businesspeople tend to view their businesses differently from how Western businesspeople tend to view theirs. The other day, a deal my law firm had been working on for a US company fell

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International Sales Contracts: Do You Know What Your Law Is?

Companies frequently intend to have their contracts operate under one law, but mistakenly write their contracts to have some other law apply. The key is often not so much the law to be applied, but rather, the benefits from creating certainty in your contract as to the ONE law that will apply.

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Chinese Companies Can Say "So Sue Me"

Nice post today over at Asia Business Intelligence on the value (or lack thereof) of US judgments against Chinese companies. The post is entitled, “What Happens When Your Chinese Supplier Says: Sure, Go Ahead, Sue Me!” [link no longer exists]. The gist of it is that Chinese courts basically ignore US judgments and here is