Stick a fork in Hong Kong arbitration

The Death of Hong Kong Arbitration

One can argue all one wants regarding the risks of Hong Kong arbitration, but the mere fact that a lot more lawyers now view Hong Kong as a riskier arbitration venue than Singapore, New York, Geneva, Paris, and London, ought to be reason enough NOT to draft your contracts with a Hong Kong arbitration provision.

Sinosure is broken

Sinosure and Deliberately Bringing China Down, Factory by Factory

About six months ago, in Deliberately Bringing China Down, Factory by Factory, I wrote about a couple of Americans who were buying product on credit from Chinese factories, with no intention of ever making the required second payment: The “this” to which I am referring is an underground (I say underground because I have never

China contract drafting

Choosing Your China Contract Jurisidiction

A new client recently sent our international manufacturing team a contract with one of their China suppliers. They wanted us to review that contract (which had been drafted by a Chinese lawyer based in Shenzhen). Our client had heard about how Chinese lawyers sometimes work in cahoots with the Chinese company on the other side

Alternative DIspute Resolution ADR

China Dispute Resolution Clauses

There is no one size fits all solution for China dispute resolution clauses because they depend on so many factors, including, the location of the Chinese company within China, the nature of the transaction, the goals of the parties, the most likely dispute issues, the most important dispute issues, the type of dispute issues, the languages of the documents and potential witnesses, the law of the contract, and a whole host of other issues.