China’s Other Supply Chain Infection — Forced Labor

Photo of a Xinjiang “industrial park” from Quartz Magazine China’s coronavirus outbreak continues to damage the supply chain worldwide. But another sickness in China could eventually cause as much damage: the use of forced Uighur labor in factories all over China. China’s Coronavirus was initially limited to Hubei province and China’s oppression of Uighurs and

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Force Majeure in the Time of Coronavirus

Way back in the pre-coronavirus days — October 30-2019 — in Do Not Let Force Majeure be a Major Force In Your China Contract, we did a post warning of force majeure provisions in contracts with Chinese companies. That post began with the following warning/joke; Pull out and look at your contract with your Chinese

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China’s Coronavirus Reaction: Law Trumps Medicine, Part 2

I am writing this to update my recent post on the legal response to the Covid-19 virus epidemic in China, China’s Coronavirus Solution: More Government Control Trumps More Medicine. In response to President Xi’s Statement on using law to combat the virus outbreak, the Beijing authorities have responded in a manner consistent with the theme

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China’s Coronavirus Solution: More Government Control Trumps More Medicine

In the face of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, Xi Jinping went into hiding. From January 28 to February 5, he made no public appearances. He briefly appeared on February 5 and promptly disappeared again. We would have expected that during his brief appearance Mr. Xi would make a stirring speech about leading China in a

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Will China Buy More U.S. Hemp Per the Phase One Trade Deal?

Two major President Trump-centric events have been unfolding these past few weeks, and each has alternatingly claimed the limelight and been overshadowed by the other. First, we have the ongoing Senate impeachment hearings, which began January 16, and second, phase one of the U.S.-China trade deal, which was signed and made public on January 15.

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BREAKING NEWS: Beijing Issues New Employment Rules For Dealing with the Coronavirus

With at least ten Chinese cities in lockdown to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus, Beijing labor authorities just released a notice on stabilizing labor relations during the period of epidemic prevention and control so as to better protect and benefit employees. Here is a quick summary of this notice. Employers must ensure their employees

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Transshipment: No Magic Remedy Against Tariffs

A few days ago, in China Manufacturing: “Elvis Has Left the Building”, we mentioned a South China Morning Post article suggesting the manufacturing exodus from China will not abate, regardless of any patches trade negotiators manage to place on the overall, strained U.S.-China relationship. That article included some sobering stats on the giant sucking sound we

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Pay Close Attention to California’s New IoT Law

A few days ago, California passed the first U.S. information security law specifically targeting the Internet of Things (or IoT). We wrote about the law, SB-327, about a year ago when it first passed. SB-327 has gotten relatively little press compared to California’s other pioneering data protection statute, the California Consumer Privacy Act. But when it

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Illegal Transshipping/False Country of Origin — Help Us Help You Get Rich

Earlier this year, “Univar USA Inc. paid  U.S. $62.5 Million to Resolve Allegations that it Evaded $36 Million in Antidumping Duties on Imported Chinese Saccharin.”  My law firm profited handsomely from this case because we brought it to the government’s attention and then assisted on it. The United States Department of Justice describes this case

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Get Your China Tariff Refund Now

With so much turmoil/excitement revolving around US-China trade relations, it’s easy to lose track of what duties are effective when and how they affect your company. Our customs team has lately been getting many questions what to do to secure a refund on granted 301 tariff exclusions. Since the imposition of these tariffs back in