China law evolving

China Law Evolving

China's globalization is influencing China's laws and its law enforcement and it is leading to its laws evolving.  Today's post involves an interesting article in the China Daily on how China's judges and prosecutors are studying law overseas and how that will impact China's own legal system.

China NNN Agreements

China NNN Agreements: Don’t Leave Home Without One (Or Many)

Most non disclosure agreements we see are just modifications of the standard NDA used in the United States or in England and those agreements simply do not deal with the special problems of related parties in China and they treat non-use/non-circumvention either inadequately or not at all. Only a carefully thought out NNN Agreement that thoroughly resolves all of these issues is of any real value in China. We love NNN Agreements for foreign companies doing business in China. They are simple, effective, and telling. They are also far better than any NDA Agreement, especially any Western-style NDA.