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Don’t Do Geographic Surveys In China!

Reuters article just out, entitled, China warns against illegal surveys by foreigners, warning foreigners not to conduct geographic surveys in China. My advice on this is to take heed. Many years ago, a friend of mine, Dann Oppfelt, was detained in Russia for alleged spying arising from his having being “caught” with pictures of a naval

China VAT taxes

China’s New VAT Tax Refund Policy

China assesses a Value Added Tax (VAT) on nearly all of its products. This tax is typically 17%. Up until July 1, 2007, China would rebate some or all of its Value Added Tax (VAT) on nearly all export products. China did this to encourage the production of products for export. However, on July 1,

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Made In China: Sued In The USA

The WSJ law blog has a post today, entitled, Made in China, Sued in the U.S.A., on the spate of lawsuits against U.S. distributors of defective Chinese products. The post points out how US plaintiffs are suing these distributers/importers of Chinese manufactured products and how they will keep suing U.S. distributors/importers and not the Chinese

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China’s New Employment Law: Enforcement Is The Key

The Christian Science Monitor just quoted me in an article on China’s newly enacted labor law, entitled, Key issue for China’s new labor law: enforcement: “As is always the case with China’s laws, the real questions will be in whether the new laws are enforced, how they are enforced, and against whom they are enforced,”

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Chinese Law Firm Gossip — Boy Oh Boy/Man Oh Man/My Oh My

New blog out there called The Life of a Lawyer at a Chinese Law Firm: Practicing Law in a Country Where There is no Law [link no longer exists]. It is a most unusual blog and certainly worth a look-see. The writer has wisely chosen to remain anonymous, though it took me one e-mail to

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The Long March to Law Firm Success In China

I know if I write on something relatively neutral and light like Chinese food or great Presidents I will get a lot of comments and no e-mails. I know if I write on a highly technical legal subject I will get just a few comments and a few probing e-mails. I now know that when

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China Foreign Lawyer Ethics Rules

The American Bar Association Journal just came out with a featuring story on foreign law firms in China, entitled, Chinese Puzzle: Foreign firms jumping into the market find ethics rules unclear. The article is on foreign law firms in China and it begins by noting how foreign lawyers “are not permitted to practice law in

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How To Protect Your Company From Bad China Product

My law firm’s international manufacturing attorneys constantly get e-mails and phone calls from readers and clients regarding issues arising from the recent melamine pet food tainting.  Our China lawyers not only represent a number of companies involved with China food, we also represent many importers of Chinese manufactured products who constantly encounter quality and safety

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China’s New Property Law

At the recently completed San Francisco seminar on Chinese real estate, co-blogger and fellow China attorney, Steve Dickinson, highlighted the provisions in China’s New Property Law relevant to foreign investors in China real estate.  Rather than seek to recreate that talk with my inadequate notes, we will instead, put forth the below paper on China’s