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Made In China: Sued In The USA

The WSJ law blog has a post today, entitled, Made in China, Sued in the U.S.A., on the spate of lawsuits against U.S. distributors of defective Chinese products. The post points out how US plaintiffs are suing these distributers/importers of Chinese manufactured products and how they will keep suing U.S. distributors/importers and not the Chinese

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China Foreign Lawyer Ethics Rules

The American Bar Association Journal just came out with a featuring story on foreign law firms in China, entitled, Chinese Puzzle: Foreign firms jumping into the market find ethics rules unclear. The article is on foreign law firms in China and it begins by noting how foreign lawyers “are not permitted to practice law in

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Danone v. Wahaha — Which Of Us Is The Most China Rookie?

‘You sit by yourself grasshopper. What do you think of?’ -Master Po ‘My mother, my father. Both gone. I am alone.’ ‘You hear the flock of birds flying overhead? You hear the fish? The beetle?’ To all of this the young Caine nods. ‘In this crowded place you feel alone. Which of us is the

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Mapping China Crime Is Democracy In Action

Mapping China crime is difficult. When clients ask me whether they need to worry about crime in China, I typically say it is hard to know because China's crime statistics are so unreliable. I then talk about "my sense" of things, based on my own experiences (so far, so good) and that of the people I know who are doing business in China (both Chinese and foreign) who talk mostly about petty crimes like pickpocketing.

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We will be discussing the practical aspects of Chinese law and how it impacts business there. We will be telling you about what works and what does not and what you as a businessperson can do to use the law to your advantage. Our aim is to assist businesses already in China or planning to go into China, not to break new ground in legal theory or policy. We want to start a conversation with, for and about the person who wants to know "what is what" in China and the practical aspects of starting and growing a business in or involved with China.