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Joint Ventures with Your China Factory/Supplier

Huge swaths of China’s manufacturing sector are being thrown for a loop. Large numbers of foreign buyers of Chinese manufactured product have ceased or reduced their manufacturing in China and even larger numbers are looking to do so. Chinese manufacturers are rightly concerned and our international manufacturing lawyers are seeing the results of all this

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Today’s G20 Meeting and the Trade War’s Impact on China

1. China’s GDP Numbers Are Fake As the G20 meeting approaches, many of our clients have asked us how the US-China trade war has impacted China’s economy. President Xi’s top think tank advisors at Qinghua University are telling him that China’s GDP will hit 6.3% this year (within the government target), the impact of the

Dueling Translations

Does China WANT a Second Decoupling? The Chinese Texts Say That it Does

Presidents Xi and Trump prepare for a meeting next week at the G20 event with the purported goal of restarting negotiations to resolve the Section 301 tariff dispute and other trade issues between the U.S. and China. Many analysts and business people from both countries are confident this meeting will lead to resolution. Unfortunately, this

Teaching English in China

Do NOT Teach English in China and Why EVERYONE Should Read This

If you are thinking about taking a job teaching English in China, my strong advice is DON'T DO IT. Look for such a job in Vietnam or Thailand or Japan or Spain or Mexico or Colombia or Brazil or the Czech Republic or really just about anywhere else in the world. I say this because teaching English in China has become that corrupt, that horrible, that exploitive, and that risky.

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Yet Another International Trade (AD/CVD) Petition Against China Products: This Time it’s Collated Staples (and it Also Includes Taiwan and Korea)

On June 6, 2019, Kyocera Senco Industrial Tools Inc. (Petitioner) filed antidumping (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) petitions against certain collated steel staples (“collated staples”) from China, Korea, and Taiwan. A copy of those petitions can be viewed here. Under U.S. trade laws, a domestic industry can petition the U.S. Department of Commerce (“DOC”) and

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Want to Keep Your Business in China? Do These Things NOW

China today announced that it will be ridding China of unreliable people and companies. See China is establishing an ‘unreliable entities’ list that will include companies and people. Specifically, China’s Ministry of Commerce announced it will kick out of China “foreign enterprises, organizations and individuals that do not comply with market rules, violate the spirit