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Registering China Trademarks: The Questions We Ask

I was recently cc’ed on an email from one our China trademark lawyers to a new client. The email is an introductory email to a company that had just retained us for China trademark work. The email asks the basic questions to which we need answers so we can efficiently and effectively figure out what

China Trademark Basics

China Trademark Basics

Recently, someone asked me to give them my “elevator pitch” regarding China trademarks. Well, here it is. 1. By far the most important thing to know about the subject is that China is a “first to file” country. This means that (with very few exceptions) whoever first files for a particular trademark in a particular

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Who Should Own Your China IP? Maybe NOT You

Our China dispute resolution lawyers have been handling way more than the usual number of disputes between Chinese factories and their foreign product buyers. In many of these cases, the foreign companies have come to our law firm after their Chinese factory claims they owe money for bad product. In none of these cases did

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China Trademark Classes and Strategies

As we have written many times over the years, if you are selling goods into China, sourcing goods from China, or just doing business in/with China, you should probably register trademarks in China for your brand names and logos. China is a first-to-file country and it does not require evidence of prior use. This means

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The China Trademarks You Need When Selling Your Products Into China

On the legal side, selling consumer products into China is relatively easy, particularly if you use one of the many companies that can handle the logistics for you. Our China lawyers are frequently called on to assist American and European companies looking to sell online into China and that typically consists of reviewing their contracts

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How To Take Down Counterfeits From Alibaba and Other Chinese E-Commerce Sites

We have for years been writing about how our lawyers have a near 100% success rate at getting counterfeit products removed from Chinese e-commerce websites like Taobao and Almost all Chinese e-commerce sites, including the Alibaba family of sites (Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba, AliExpress,, etc.), have formal internal procedures for removing product listings that

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Why You Should Register Your Copyright in China

Copyright stands out from other intellectual property rights for the protections it enjoys without registration, including in China. For trademarks, the only pathway to protection for an unregistered mark in China is by meeting the narrow definition of a “well-known trademark.” By contrast, even works created outside of China (in countries party to the Berne

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How To Stop Your Chinese Distributor From Stealing Your Trademark

As often as we write about the need to register your trademarks in China, we have never written about how common it is for your China distributor to take your trademark and how easy it is to prevent that. I thought of this after receiving yet another phone call where this had happened. The “this”