International IP Protection

WHEN to Start Protecting Your IP Internationally

A client of ours sent me a 2015 article by Case Engelen (a leading international electronic designer) the other day, entitled Kickstarter Prototype to Production: $100K is not Enough, and asked whether I agreed with it. I most certainly do. The article provides a list of compelling reasons why getting an electronics product manufactured in

International IP Lawyer

Seven Steps To Take When Your IP Has Been Compromised

Our international IP lawyers are often called upon to help companies whose IP has been compromised or infringed upon. We have formulated the following basic checklist for handling these IP problems, be they international or domestic. 1. Identify the client’s IP problem This step is sometimes straightforward, but often the information our client is getting

China Trademark Owner

Selling Product to China: Who Should Own the China Trademark?

As COVID slowly begins to fade (at least in some parts of the world), our China lawyers are seeing foreign companies (mostly American, European and Australian) step up their efforts to sell their products into China. For virtually all of these companies, figuring out what to do with China trademarks is one of the first

China distribution agreements

China Distribution Contracts: The Basics

Our China lawyers have been seeing an increase in work for foreign companies entering into distribution contracts with Chinese distributors, due mostly to China’s rapid growth as a consumer market and to the difficulties and risks foreign companies are seeing when they go into China directly these days. Many of the companies that come to

How To Stop China-Based Domain Name Theft

How To Stop China-Based Domain Name Theft

Trademark infringement with respect to domain names is a very common problem, particularly for those who do business with China or even just manufacture their product there. It is unsurprising that many in China are quick to register domain names similar to those of the foreign companies they see. We frequently see the following sorts

China trademark registration

China Trademarks: Going After Bad Faith Squatters in Good Faith?

As we often note on this blog, registering its trademarks in China is one of the key steps a foreign company must take when doing business there. When though should you apply to register your trademarks in China? As soon as China enters the conversation as a possible market and/or manufacturing or sourcing location, we

How to Protect Your IP from China

Giving Your IP to China Out of Love

One of our China IP lawyers tends towards sarcasm, and in cleaning out my email stack I found this email: Another company that loves China so much that they have already given all their IP to a Chinese company with nothing in return. American and European companies seem not to realize that if they teach