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The Power of Well-Crafted China Contracts

The Power of Well-Crafted China Contracts In The High Cost of China Contract Mistakes, I discussed the importance of having the right person craft your China contracts. I am often asked (usually right after I quote our fee) whether a China contract I am proposing to write “is even enforceable in China.” I always give

International manufacturing due diligence

Overseas Manufacturing Due Diligence: A Guide for Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Introduction A toy importer, thrilled about getting its toys from Vietnam at a great price paid $2 million upfront to a supposed “toy maker”. The dream turned into a nightmare when they realized there was no such Vietnamese toy maker, and no toys would ever materialize. This importer isn’t alone. Many foreign companies have faced


Sinosure’s Country Blacklist

The Hidden Trade Barrier: Sinosure’s Export Credit Insurance Blacklist China’s Sinosure, a major (virtually the only) provider of export credit insurance to China’s factories, plays an instrumental role in facilitating trade between Chinese suppliers and international buyers. However, there’s an under-discussed aspect of their operations that is detrimental for certain countries: the so-called “country blacklist”.

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China’s Loss is Vietnam’s Gain

The international lawyers at my law firm have been increasingly fielding inquiries from companies looking to diversify their supply chains away from China. Many of these companies are looking to move their China manufacturing to Southeast Asia. To help our clients moving to or already in Southeast Asia, I recently went to Vietnam, Indonesia, and

China versus India for IT outsourcing

Emerging Market Outsourcing: The Basics

About a decade ago, I gave a speech on software outsourcing at a major software event. Last week, I found my outline for that speech and this post is based on that outline, revised and updated. It is largely based on my experiences and what I have learned from talking with clients and other businesses

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Lessons from Singapore’s First Ambassador Tommy Koh

I recently returned from a World Trade Center Utah delegation to Singapore, where I attended a briefing with Singapore’s first ambassador, Tommy Koh. Koh is a legendary diplomat and international law professor who humbly describes himself as a “founding servant” of Singapore. His list of accolades and professional accomplishments is significant, as well as his

Pea protein China dumping case

New AD/CVD Petitions: Pea Protein from China

On July 12, 2023, PURIS Proteins filed antidumping (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) petitions against Pea Protein from China. Pea Protein is usually sold in powder form and is a food ingredient for foods sold to individuals who are allergic to glutens (e.g., snack bars, plant-based meat products, other gluten-free foods). The U.S. Department of

International distribution agreements

Negotiating Chinese Distributor Agreements (China to US)

As the China-US geopolitical environment continues be problematic, our clients and prospective clients have pivoted from joint venture relationships to distribution and similar licensing-type relationships. This is not a one-sided trend. We are seeing an increase in these distributor relationships going both into China and out of China. From the questions we receive, we see

Moving your manufacturing from China to Mexico

Troubled by China? Consider Mexico*

Are you currently sourcing products from China or Southeast Asia? Though these regions have long been popular choices for businesses seeking cost-effective manufacturing, it’s time to consider Mexico as an alternative. Mexico has emerged as a top destination for global trade, attracting companies with its favorable business practices, vibrant culture, and strategic location. In this

US market

New Webinar | Stepping into Success: Navigating the US Market with Confidence

REGISTER HERE International companies are now considering growing their footprint in the U.S. market due to its ease of business, diverse tax structures, and high opportunity for investment. The U.S. market also offers a strong relationship with Latin America, opening the gate to Spanish-speaking customers. Harris Sliwoski attorneys Jonathan Bench (Corporate International) and Akshat Divatia