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The US-China Trade War and Brazil as Proof of Trade Redirection

When we hear of a “trade war” we often think about the countries directly involved, or those that contribute to the economic tension. Indeed, when the US and China announced escalating waves of tariffs on each other’s goods in 2018, many economists expressed that both the US and China—through a purely economic lens—could only lose

Forced Labor: What's Coming

Forced Labor: What’s Coming

Last week I participated in a call on the topic of forced labor and I thought I’d share three key takeaways. First, the issue is not going to go away, certainly in the context of China, and more specifically Xinjiang. In fact, enforcement is ramping up. Forced labor WROs and findings are non-tariff trade weapons.

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Do I Always Need to Form a Company in a Foreign Country?

In yesterday’s post (How To Succeed When Taking Your Company Overseas) I briefly mentioned one of the most common problems companies face when going international: having a foreign entity when you do not really need one (and relatedly, having the wrong type of foreign entity, which I will discuss in a future post). This mistake

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How To Succeed When Taking Your Company Overseas

We international lawyers often get calls and emails from companies looking to set up a subsidiary or other company overseas. This is one of the most exciting but also daunting prospects for a company more accustomed to domestic laws, regulations, financiers, and business partners. In this post, we will briefly look at the key things

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How to Manage Your Currency Risks

I recently had lunch with Jared Van Orden and Devin Taylor, friends who are foreign exchange experts with GPS Capital Markets. I like learning from experts like Devin and Jared because they make me a better resource for my clients. When I get smarter, my clients benefit, and when my professional network grows, my clients

International School Law/Teacher Law: It's Complicated

International School Law/Teacher Law: It’s Complicated

Many of our lawyers and staff attended international schools or are sons or daughters of teachers or professors. I spent my junior year of high school at Robert College in Istanbul, a year studying Spanish at LAE Madrid and Taronja Spanish School in Valencia, Spain (both are excellent, BTW) and 8 months studying French at the