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What Señorita Yanyi Tells Us About China

Señorita Yanyi is a popular vlogger who describes herself as a “China Boricua,” that is, a Puerto Rican Chinese. Born in China, her family moved to Puerto Rico when she was a baby. At some point later on she moved to New York. I highly suggest you check out her videos, in which she effortlessly

Doing Business with China

China Paradox Webinar Series: The Postscript

Recently I moderated a panel of experts as part of the World Trade Center Utah’s China Paradox Series. This was not your run-of-the-mill discussion on China matters. It included speakers from top levels of U.S. business and government leadership, each with decades of China experience. In Part 1, former Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman Jr.,

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US-China Relations and Business Impacts: Ambassador Huntsman and Matthew Pottinger

Photo by Steve Griffin of the Deseret News  Last Wednesday, Harris Bricken sponsored a Zoom conversation about U.S.-China relations featuring former Utah Governor and U.S. Ambassador Jon M. Huntsman Jr. and Matthew Pottinger, distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution and former deputy national security adviser. The conversation was moderated by Miles Hansen, president and

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The Hong Kong Thrill Is Gone Too

This blog’s Christmas message reflected on what has happened to Hong Kong over the last couple of years. That subject dovetails well with my most recent blog post, The China Thrill Is Gone. In that post, I described how Xi Jinping’s rise to power coincided with growing pessimism on my part regarding China’s future, eventually leading me to

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Doing Business in China: A Personal View

About a decade ago, I had been working with Damjan DeNoble, who was at that time a health care consultant in China but wanted to go to law school. Towards that end, he asked me to review his “personal statement” for his law school application to the University of Michigan. I reviewed it and liked it

The World Needs to Grow a Pair to Stop China

The below is a guest post written anonymously by someone who fears both repercussions from the CCP and an onslaught of abuse by “those who do not want to see their own spigot of money from China cut.” We are publishing this because it is important and because nearly all of us who regularly write

You Like Us. You Really Like Us.

Way back in February, 2006, when China Law Blog was all of one month old, the Wall Street Journal wrote about and linked to one of our blog posts. Our readership shot up from around 50 to 5,000 and we thought that was just about the coolest thing ever. It meant we had made it.

China-US Relations

The US-China Trade War: Winter is Coming

1. China has Broken its Promises to Open Its Economy I’ve had a front row seat to China for well over a decade. My law firm started this blog in January, 2006, and we were representing foreign companies in China and the rest of Asia long before that. When we started this blog we were